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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

In this post on your ning blog, you will reflect upon the experience of the Flat Connections Global Project. You must include the following items at the top of the post.

Group Assignment:
Hyperlink to Group Wiki:
Hyperlink to Outsourced Video Clip:
Embed Outsourced Video Clip:
Final Video Hyperlink:
Embed the Final Video Artifact:

Make sure your post uses the same tags as this blog post.

In your reflection, which may be a video, audio, typed text or any
hybrid of these, you must cover the following:

1) Overview of your topic - In at least 150 words and 4 hyperlinks,
explain your topic. Include 1-2 items that were the most interesting to
you about your topic.

2) Wiki Editing Process - In your opinion, what were the strengths and
weaknesses of your wiki team. Did you have any problems or obstacles,
and if so, what did you do to overcome the problems you experienced. (Please be honest in your reflection on any issues you experienced!) Did your group adequately cite sources? Are you happy with your wiki? Why or why not? (min 100 words)

3) Outsourced Video -

3A - What was the outsourced video you created? Did you understand
clearly what was asked of you? Did the video you made make it into the
final video for the person you created it for? Why or why not? Include a
hyperlink to the final video of the person that included your
outsourced clip. (No need to embed) -- (min 50 words)

3B - What was the outsourced video you requested? Did you or did you not
receive it? If you didn't receive it, why do you think you didn't? Did
you use the outsourced clip(s) you received, why or why not? (please
include a hyperlink to the student who created your outsourced video).
(min 50 words)

4) Final Video - What was your initial idea for this video? Did you stay
true to your initial concept? Why or why not? Critique your own video -
what is the quality of video? If it is not acceptable, what could you
have done to improve it? Critique your own audio? What could you have
done to improve it? Name at least one thing you could have done to have a
better movie. Finally, share the hyperlink to at least two other movies
on the FCGP that you believe deserve recognition and
state why. Include 1 from one of your fellow AAHS students and 1 from outside of our building. (min 150 words)

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