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Group Assignment: 1D- Makerspaces and its impact on the environment.
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My topic was Makerspaces and theirImpact on the Environment.  It was about how Makerspaces could help reduce or create waste in the environment.  It reallly interested me that I got to learn what a Makerspace is.  It is a place where people who shared a common interest go to share ideas and help each other.  It helped open my eyes to how education and hobbies can come together outside of school.  I learned where we can find Makerspaces such as in places like libraries or workshops.  I also learned that they can help the environment in many ways.  They create a sense of work and less of a dependency on manufactured things.  There are many types of makerspaces in the world that help people with all types of interests.  In the end, this experience has been great and I have learned a lot.  Makerspaces has opened my eyes into a whole new world.

My wiki team was pretty good.  We were able to share information together and get around our time-zone problem.  One strength was having a lot of people working on the wiki at one time which helped bring in information very efficiently.  Also, it brought in a lot of diverse information as people researched in different areas.  But, our team still had weaknesses.  Many people did not work on the wiki and they did not really communicate with others.  This stunted our ability to give and receive information that may have been beneficial.  We did adequately cite sources and if not people made sure to point it out so that it could be fixed.  I was very happy with our wiki as it really reflected my team's hard work.

The outsourced video I created was me working on a computer and then turning to the camera and giving the camera a thumbs up.  It was very clear to understand as the person was quick and to the point with the description of what they wanted.  They did use my video in their final video because they found how to fit it in. 


I asked in my outsource video request for someone to take a video of them putting something together.  I did receive this from somebody.  I feel I got my video because it was very simple and easy to make so it would not be a hassle for anyone.  It was given to me in a good amount of time and I was happy with the product.


My initial idea was to teach people about my topic through a template on a website for video creation.  I did stay true to my initial concept because my video ended up being like a classroom session where I taught my "students" about my topic.  I did this because the information I had and the template that was there helped me with producing the final product I had imagined.  I think my video was okay but it was not the best quality.  I had a watermark and I was not able to get rid of it but because of time constraints I had to keep it.  This is something I would change in the future.  I could have also done a better job with keeping true to my topic as I was not able to create the best video for my topic.  My audio was pretty good.  I do not feel it was terrible but I could have had better background music.  I could have researched more to have been able to create a better movie.  One great video was made by my fellow classmate it is well worth the watch. JamesT_AAHS. 

Another great FCGP video was created by HamishW_hpc.

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