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Video Pitch- Artificial Intelligence/ Impact on the Individual

My video will have various videos and pictures from my mom's workplace (in the lab). The premise of the story is to induct change about the way we think about AI technology as it impacts individuals greatly in the healthcare field. Many people, when they hear about AI technology, are scared that they might lose their jobs due to the technological advancements. The video will open with various clinical workers giving their take on AI.

  • 3-- "As we progress through the years, we see disease prevalence growing as the world's population increases.
  • 4-- This makes healthcare providers' jobs difficult: filing through countless papers, trying to put all the pieces together efficiently. [Time is crucial] especially when it comes to diagnosing a patient in need and communicating with thousands of clients can be that much harder. How do you know which patients to contact first? Whose lab results do you analyze the most? All of this scheduling, filing, and paperwork seems to overtake clinical jobs.
  • 5-- However, AI technology advancements, using natural language, could make communication effortless. For example, an AI named Watson, utilizes a type of technological language called "Deep QA" to file through thousands of journals, textbooks, and reports faster than humans could ever dream of.  He uses more than 100 different techniques to understand what is being asked, decide how to search for answers, and rank all possible answers from best to worst. [Watson even used this same processing in 2011 when he answered random trivia in the classic game show, Jeopardy!]
  • 6-- But aside from the trivial pursuit and onto a clinical one, as a patient, one may some day be told directly by AIs what your diagnosis is and what the best treatments are as soon as possible. As a worker, instead of worrying about patients' paperwork and stressing about scheduling, one can spend more time invested in their passion, like having patient-to-patient interactions or performing labs,  while leaving AIs to file high-to-low risk patients.
  • Even though this seems frightening that AIs are taking over tasks that healthcare providers get paid for, they wouldn't ultimately take away jobs because all people all need human-to-human connection. In fact, it's wired in our own neural network [brain] that socially, people need one another to survive.
  • 9-- So instead of working against providers, AI technology will do all the tasks that humans find strenuous and work WITH healthcare providers.
  • [A message to you!] We shouldn't fear technology taking over our jobs, we should embrace AI enhancements that will assist us and help save lives faster than ever before to decrease the worldly mortality rate in the long run."] I would like to put in a clip where a provider shows his/her fear but then, after hearing the information above, is shown happily working with an AI and successfully diagnosing a patient who desperately needs test results. In closing I will ask the healthcare workers how can AI enhance the medical field and input their responses. I will end off with multiple people saying ... "Save lives with AIs".

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Comment by RyanB_bmhs_11 on April 13, 2018 at 4:46am

That is a great idea. I like how you stress that people's jobs will not be affected. I agree that many people are scared of AI taking over, especially after the Terminator movies. Maybe you could contrast the Terminator with what the AI will actually do. People already think that, so give them a visual, and then explain why that view is wrong, by showing them AI at work in a hospital. Just a thought, even though your video sounds great the way it is.

Comment by IleanaL_bmhs_3 on April 13, 2018 at 12:37am

You are pretty descriptive and explain really well what Al can do for patients and also for workers and tell us what your video is going to have. So good job : ) 

Comment by ToriA_bmhs_3 on April 13, 2018 at 12:31am

Honestly, there is not much I could say to help with your video besides maybe adding background music into the video. I love the idea of using your mom's work space as a place to take videos at, very creative. Maybe even include your idea of people being scared of losing their jobs because of Al technology with one of those technologies of robotics, since it ties into your idea. Great work so far though! 

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