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Video Pitch Makerspaces Educational Impact

The story i will be telling in my video is about how Makerspaces has improved within schools and how it has improved student grades and their enthusiasm about school. What the people watching my video will see and hear my main points as of why i believe that this is true. The video will begin with key facts relating to my topic and some statistics to compare. The video will end with experiences throughout the schools with and without Makerspaces. I plan to compare attitude and grades in the classrooms with and without makerspaces. Then i will compare students enthusiasm with and then without makerspaces in the classroom. i think students will be glad to get the chance to use makespaces and not do the same thing day after day or have to write paper and pencil day after day. The outsource clip will most likely be like someone elses opinion of if makerspaces has improved within the schools or not and but i am not sure yet.    also if they think that students would be more likely to do their work and try if their not doing the same boring things in the same way each and everyday but instead using makerspaces. 

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Comment by Barb Scullin on November 13, 2017 at 10:56am

I like you have decided to include statistics.  You may want to use our Makerspace to record some of your video.

Comment by LindsayK_bmhs_3 on November 7, 2017 at 12:35am

Hi Kayla! I think your video pitch is really good. I like that you will talk about the grades and attitudes of the students and if they improved. I think the video will be very good according to what was stated in your pitch. What kind of experiences with/without makerspaces are you going to talk about at the end though?

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