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Ryan C Reflective Post

My topic was Wireless Connectivity. Wireless connectivity refers to the ability to access the internet anywhere. If you have used a laptop to get onto the internet you have used a form of wireless connectivity. Some of the interesting things I learned about Wireless Connectivity during this project is that we use Wireless Connectivity every day without knowing it. Everyday items like cellphones use wireless connectivity. I also learned some the… Continue

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2010 WHS Student Reflective Blog Post

In this post, you will reflect upon the experience of the Flat Classroom

Project. You must include the following items at the top of the post.

Group Assignment:

Hyperlink to Group Wiki:

Hyperlink to Outsourced Video Clip:

Embed Outsourced Video Clip:

Video Hyperlink:

Embed the Final Video Artifact:

In your reflection, which may be a video, audio, or typed text, you must cover the following:

1) Overview of your topic - In… Continue

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The Flatteners

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Is the World Flat?

Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat:

The Most Important Points:

1. One of the most important points made by Thomas Friedman in The World is Flat is that connecting the world is one of the major points everyone needs to learn about. When you do connect the world, you can have somebody who lives in China be sitting in the same room as an American without going to different countries. The way we do this is with Skype,… Continue

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Friedman's Flattners

How Can the World Be Flat?

In 1492 Christopher Columbus
the famous Portuguese explorer, proved that the world is round. Ever since then, we have been taught that our Mother Earth is simply spherical. Well, I think Thomas Friedman can be put in to the category with names like Copernicus and Kepler. Friedman has rediscovered that… Continue

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The World is Flat...

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Flat Classroom Project

Thomas Friedman spoke at MIT about his book The World is Flat. In his speech he talked about the most important aspects and ways the world has become "flat". He mentioned the ways that made him think of writing his book. He tells us about instances where he became aware that he was speaking to people that were not in a corporate office, but in the comfort…

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The World is Flat

Thomas Friedman MIT Speech

Section A

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2. I think that the most important point that Thomas Friedman makes is him saying that the world is flat. He talks about a Hungarian cab driver that has his own web page in English, German, and another language.…

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work flow blog

My topic is how work flow software can enhance productivity and communication

What I have learned

I have learned many things about work flow software such as work flow is a sequence of steps. work flow is an important part of business and communication. I have learned that work flow is an important part of education especially in colleges. Work… Continue

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Reflective Blog Post

An important point made my Thomas Friedman in the video is that the world is flat. He went on to explain what was making the world flat were called flatteners. The 10 Flattners were

#1 The fall of the Berlin Wall

#2 Netscape

#3 Workflow Software

#4 Oursourcing

#5 Offshoring

#6 Open Source

#7 Supply Chaining

#8 In sourcing

#9 In- Forming

#10 The Steroids

He went on to explain how these things flattened the world, whether it was literally or symbiotically.The 10 flatterers have made it possible for people to share information and work together even though they are in different parts of the world.

The thing that I learned from the video is that is that it is easier to work with people with the world being flat. Now instead of having to try and meet at a place to work on a project people can now just call each other or use video chat to complete projects.

My topic on this project is wireless connectivity.. The thing I have learned about my topic is that people are able to work at home because of the wireless network at their home. The second thing is that with wireless connectivity people can access the internet from nearly anywhere and they can use that to work with people that could be a thousand miles away.. One of the questions I have on this is how Wireless Connectivity ties in with Government and Politics. One thing I would like to say to my team members about working together is that we need to communicate with each other in order to know what each other have done.


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Is the World "flat"?

Thomas Friedman made many important points in the video and in his lecture. He stated that there are many social and technological changes going on in the world. The world is becoming a flat world. What exactly does this mean? It means that we can be neighbors with people that are many miles away all because of the advances in technology. Now, people in China are selling things to people in America. Americans need to be grateful and not be lazy because other people from other countries are… Continue

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Thomas Friedman

Section A
2) The Thomas Friedman is a good video. The video taught me many important facts about the world, and how technology is changing the world. You would be amazed at how much technology has impacted our world.He made some very important points such as, how technology is causing the world to become flat, and that soon we will have absolutely no privacy online because someone, especially on Google, is always tracking what websites you have been on. Soon that will be on all websites, and you will not be able to get on a website without someone knowing.
3) The most important thing I learned from his speech is about privacy. Before this video I did not realize that every time I get on Google someone is tracking all the websites I go to. Google is pretty much the only website I use. That is where I do all of my research for school, and anything else I need to look up. It is scary to think that someone is tracking my every move on the Internet!

4) My topic is Virtual Communications. I love this topic because it is so interesting, and I have learned so much. I look forward to learning more about it, and working on the wiki with my teammates.

I have learned so much about this topic. One of the coolest things I have learned about it Skype. On skype you can talk to someone of the computer through a Web cam and you can see them on the computer. They can be on the other side of the world! I knew some things about it already because I have family in Russia, and we talk to them through Skype, but I have learned a lot more about it. One really interesting fact I have learned is that E-Mail was the very first type of virtual communication.

6)How much privacy is there with virtual communication?
What are some other types of virtual communication?

7)I would like to tell my team members that I am so excited to be working with them, and together we will learn a lot and make our wiki great! Let's do it!! :)


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Brooke's Thomas Friedman Blog

The Most important points of this video:

This video displays Thomas Friedman explaining his book, "The World is Flat." It is humorous because Mr. Thomas states that this book was actually written by accident. The most important points in this discussion would probably be that Friedman describing the unplanned cascade of technological and social shifts that effectively leveled the economic world, and “accidentally

made Beijing, Bangalore and Bethesda next-door neighbors.” He… Continue

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The World is Flat

Section A: The World is Flat

In Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat" lecture, he describes how our world is becoming a flat surface due to technological advances. By describing the world as flat, Friedman is explaining how technology is enabling us to reach anyone anywhere at anytime. No one is unavailable to us to us thanks to these new advances.

When watching this video,… Continue

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Beginning of Project Blog Post

My students are to do the following blog post:

Section A (Give this a title and make it larger) (45 points)

Write a reflective blog post about the Thomas Friedman video we viewed.

1) Embed the video from MIT (you will have to search for it.)

2) What are the most important points he made in the video.

3) What is the most important thing that you learned in the video? Why?…


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