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Flat Connections GP 16-2 - KEYNOTE

Global Narratives - Collaboration on the Edge

This is a keynote trilogy for the K12 Online Conference 2016 by Julie Lindsay. It explores online global collaboration and features many…


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The Extended Flat Connections Community

One of the most valuable ways the Flat Connections Global Project helps students to see learning as taking place beyond the classroom walls is through the use of expert advisors.  According to Flat Connections founder…


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Article about Japanese government funding 3D printers in schools.

The Japanese Government has announced plans to fund schools for the use of their own 3D printer and associated software for schools all over Japan. They plan to bring in 3D printers into middle and high schools all over Japan by the end of…


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Article on Open Content

Melanie Haiken talks about the cost of text books, and how it can be changed for the better of…


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Interesting article about cloud computing

TED Blog Link

Sugata Mitra, a education visionary, has open the world's first school in the cloud. He is a firm believer in using a child's passion for learning and curiosity in education rather than placing onus on good grades. So in George Stephenson High School in Killingworth, England a room, designed by the students is now a self learning environment.



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Student Leader
Project Updates

Hello everyone!

I attended a great PM and APM meeting last night so I would like to share some of the things we discussed. It would be very beneficial to start a discussion on the wiki for each week so that we can keep in contact with our team mates about the edits we made for the week. This way people can comment and give you advice on how to improve your edits or even praise you for your effort! Also, we are getting to the video stage and the people who put more effort in and…


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FCP Handshake

Hey! I'm Madison and I'm in eighth grader this year. I play club volleyball and I absolutely love it. I'm interested in math and science, mainly chemistry and biology. Next year, I hope to go to Ursuline Academy and take physics freshman year. I want to go to TAMS when I'm older and study chemistry. Check out the video I made introducing myself.

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People are talking about the book!


Amazon Verified Purchase(…

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A Message to All Students - "I Don't Understand What I Should Be Doing"

With help from Vicki Davis, I just posted this through the wiki messaging system (look at the mail icon in the top right corner and you'll see mail from me.) But in case you haven't seen it - here is the main part of the message.  Thanks to Vicki for blogging about this before

What should I be doing?

Right now you should be editing the subtopic of…


Added by Suzie Nestico on October 21, 2011 at 1:00am — 4 Comments

The Correct Way to Hyperlink: Contextual Links

One of the main issues I see on the wiki currently is the way we are hyperlinking. Writing on the internet should be concise and meaningful, and hyperlinks should be CONTEXTUAL. Here are some examples

Wrong way Example #1
There was a news article that more wireless companies are providing chips to connect to the Internet at higher speeds. You can read the article here -… Continue

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Meet The Flat Classroom®

We are delighted to invite you to an online…

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THREE Flat Classroom® Certified Teacher (FCCT) courses in 2011-12

Read the Full details at …


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Flat Classroom® Projects - applications now open for elementary, middle and high school projects

Applications are invited now for a selection of… Continue

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23 Minute Short Story

Setting: Photo

Plot: An active volcano that caused people to panic

Characters: focus on the Song Family. Main character is the daughter in the Song Family (Sally)

Conflict: Volcano eruption

Point of View: from Sally's Point of View

Theme: In Vietnam



Added by VictoriaT_TAS on February 14, 2011 at 7:49pm — 7 Comments


Hello all. I'm here in India and taking in the culture,it's all very exciting.Today we had a field trip we went and visited (non-government organization) NGO schools. The school we attended was Akansha mean ray of light or hope. It was really humbling to se these kids work so hard and want to learn. I can really appreciate how much we have in america . As americans we have a habit of taking a lot for granted.Our schooling systems give us so many opportunities to better our selves and we are… Continue

Added by Hayley S on February 26, 2010 at 3:29pm — 1 Comment

Opening Up Education: Flat Classroom Workshop in Mumbai - vote for student video

Teachers and students came from around the world to attend the Flat Classroom Workshop in Mumbai

Last week Vicki Davis and me (Julie Lindsay), along with other dedicated educators and excited students travelled to Mumbai, India and be part of the… Continue

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Dillon Giancola

Hi im Dillon Giancola i go to palisades high school im a senior and planning on going to college at pennstate im 17 and i will be turing 18 on april 2nd i work everyday but when im free im always with my friends chilling and playin vids. but i am excited to work on this project with who ever is in my group.

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My name is Brandy I am 18 years old and I am currently enrolled as a senior at Palisades High School. I am in the academy technology course, meaning we incorporate technology in our learning by using electronic books, edmodo( a website were we hand in our class assignments), and etc.. Being in the Academy helped me learned to communicate more with class mates and teach myself before I ask my…


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Press Release: Flat Classroom Conference, Beijing, Feb.2011

Flat Classroom Conference 2011

Latest News!

Beijing (BISS) International School are pleased to be hosting t
he next Flat Classroom Conference, to be held in Beijing, China, February 25-27, 2011.

“Join us at the W.A.L.L. - We All Learn & Lead”…


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Message to All Flat Classroom Students

Just posted this through the wiki messaging system (look at the mail icon in the top right corner and you'll see mail from me.) But in case you haven't seen it - here is the main part of my message.

What should I be doing?

Right now you should be editing the overview of your topic - add hyperlinks and EDIT WHAT IS THERE -- each student doesn't write a piece and add it - it is time to get COLLABORATIVE and edit each other's work. Help each other - talk about things on… Continue

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