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November 2015 Blog Posts (16)

Outsourced Video for timf_aahs

outsourced video

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Outsource Video for Eshaan

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Outsourced Video for ErikaV-RBS


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Outsourced video

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Outsource Video

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Video for emilyd_rbs

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Outsourced Video

Outsource for AliyahS_QCA

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Outsource Video


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Keynote Address

I attended the Keynote Address meeting near the end, around a half hour before it ended. At that time I didn't get to hear much, so I went to the video posted on the wikispace. I did hear some questions asked by the students being answered in the half hour I was on, which really helped connect the learning experience.

I really liked the slideshow shown during the meeting with the different quotes and pictures. It made me more attentive and curious about the…


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New Information on the Horizon Report Summary Video/Article

Individualized Learning-



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Keynote Follow Up

School is a big part of my life, as well as many other children around the world. There is a huge difference between middle school and high school. During the four years I spent in middle school, I felt like I was being prepared on a basic level for the next academic step. High school is totally different for me. Now my teachers are trying to prepare us to be successful in the workforce and our futures through more creative and collaborative assignments without as much direction or help…


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Makerspace is technically community centers with tools. They use manufacturing equipment, community, and education for the purposes of enabling community members to design, designing protoypes.

  • Our workshops are hands-on and can get messy, so when you come to a class, don’t wear your favorite shirt!
  • Everyday materials are reused in exciting ways that encourage experimentation and collaboration to develop 21st century…

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Handshake Video

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Hi my name is Hannah and I go to the Academy of Allied Health and Sciences. This is my handshake and it is a little overdue but I'll just start. My three things that I love to do is play soccer, play in the school band, and fishing. I love soccer and I play goalie for my high school team. In band I play the trumpet and the bass guitar and we travel places and compete against other bands which is really fun. And I also like fishing. Especially with my cousins in the summer because I don't get…


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