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Grace's Outsource


here is the video! sorry I dont have the right software at home, but I think if you use clipgrab it should be easy to pull the clip!

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Outsource Video Part 2

<iframe width="545" height="306" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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FCGP Outsource Video

Outsource Video

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Outsource Video!

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Outsource Video

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Outsource Video

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Out Source Video

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5 things i didnt know about wearable technology:  i didnt know that apple had a product already i didnt know that it was a real thing i didnt know that people would actually buy it  i didnt know that…

5 things i didnt know about wearable technology: 

i didnt know that apple had a product already

i didnt know that it was a real thing

i didnt know that people would actually buy it 

i didnt know that its moving around national, like to Verizon

i didnt know that we had the technology to finally have wearable technology


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Gaming and Gamifications

Today in the of gaming and gamification world the education level has increased dramatically, for example a resent study has revealed that the use of cloud services has grown rapidly over the past five years. Making digital strategies such as BYOD, the flipped classroom, and personalized and collaborative learning environments giving a good read on the straightforward technical education level. They have used many of the ensure safe and effective use of cloud computing in schools. This is…


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Team Project Section

Team Project Section

 Above is the link to the team groups and their topics. My group is responsible for Topic 5 and we are Team 5D.

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Horizon Report : Wearable Technology

Wearable technology  is a new form of technology that you can wear, in the form of jewelry, watches and other similar devices that would not look out of place in modern society. It has multiple uses for location tracking, social media, or even how much you move in a day. Some people might be familiar with Google's Project Glass or even the LG G Smart watch. It is something that is already in the market. 

*useful for the future

*Google Project Glass new and upcoming in the…


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Horizon Report

My topic is gamification, a topic in which im well versed. I still learned some interesting things, though. For example, I learned that learning analytics is just applied big data. Big data encompasses consumer trends and business activities. Its mostly  used in corporate situations, but Education is making recent use of it. Its focusing on tailoring learning to a students individual needs, which some students need to succeed. In corporate situations, people use it to predict what will sell,…


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Rushton Hurley

This is about education one of guys travel from state to state ,he got the chance to be in a school in Japan .Is interesting the wheel chair they made to go diving in the water .The guy likes to do service .They make a red bottom theory .Be flexible and do the thing that you've done before. Video graphing is all about videos and making one. Creative fire is a video contest that makes us see the world.…


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Supporting- student video creation. Cross-post from my blog The Possibility Posts
How to distill information & get feedback

This post is an outline of learning using Design Thinking to…


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Video Response

I think that Video was eye opening.  When it showed the girl in the wheel chair, it reminded me that I can be anything I want to be.  I learned that you should live doing what inspires and fascinates you.  Take others ideas and learn something from what they said, then Give feedback.  When it showed The Breathing System the scene showed a tree taking light and giving oxygen.  That's what I'm going to be, the tree, it takes information and then…


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video response

I think the video had good source of facts. My favorite part about the video was the story about the scuba diver in a wheel chair. I think that they should sell those in stores so other people have a chance to use them. I also like when they pointed out the fact that students put more effort into their work when they know that other students are gonna see it. I also learned from the video that you can take information and share it with others. I also learned from this video that you can read…


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Wearable technology source

Don’t look down on me


This video talks about a man who is a dwarf with Achondroplasia, called Jon Novick. Achondroplasia is characterized by disproportionately short limbs, a normal-sized torso, large head, and with a depressed nasal bridge. 3 months ago, he used a button camera to record his daily life challenges. Because the lens was very tiny and had a button covering it up, it captured the…


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Learning Analytics

The part of the video that intrigued me most was the button theory. Rushton explained how a child reacts when they see a button, which would be to automatically push it to figure out what it does with out thinking of what may come afterwards, while an older, probably more mature person would ask what it does before touching it. This theory is very true. Children are more naive and tend to think less of the outcomes of their behavior. An older person that has had…


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By: Lindsay Grant


Important Parts:

  • “Educational institutions collect and analyse data for predicting and intervening in children’s educational performance.”
  •  “…

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From staff reports

Read more by 
eSchool News Staff

March 14th, 2014…


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