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Kiva Outsourced Video


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Outsource Video

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Ivey Outsource Video


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Outsourcing Video


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Outsourcing Video for SonyaG_MCA


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Last Day to be a Sounding Board Classroom for the current Flat Classroom® Project !

The current Flat Classroom Project 11-3 is inviting classrooms from Grade 6 and above to become Sounding Boards for the student collaborative wikis. All details are on the Sounding Board information wiki. We also invite you to join the Flat Classroom Project Ning and the SB group.


We have…


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Big Little Classrooms Response

1. This is called Big Little Classrooms because although this is a small classroom, it can make a big impact.

2. Some technologies they use to communicate are email, Twitter, Skype, Netbooks, IMing and web conferencing software.

3. The teacher often got the students involved in the activity. The students are allowed to watch videos, ask questions, and interact with people all over the world.

4. I agree with this quote. When students are allowed to interact with others…


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Outsource Video

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Outsource Video

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Outsourcing video for TerrinH_VHS


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My handshake

Hello my name is Adam Hedrick and I am a freshman at Midpark. My favorite artists are Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne, they are my inspiration.

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Global Education Conference 2011 presentations by members of the Flat Classroom® Community!

Don't miss these presentations during the Global Education Conference 2011.

Collabo: The question and answer community for educators - AJ Juliani
Monday, November 14, 2011 at 20:00:00GMT […

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the project


it's april from Australia here...i started this project late and i am very very very confused on what i'm supposed to do for this u know????

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1. The classes are in little towns, but they can still do bigger, better things. All they need is the email and they can do anything they want to.

2. They used Skype to talk to the creator of some games. They are also able to use cell phones, laptops, and emails.

3. She uses the things around her so her students are able to communicate with the people around them. She also uses Twitter.

4. Learning virtually is easier because you are able to go through more information…


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Big Little Classroom

1. They are called Big Little Classrooms because some of the classes are big or small they can still interact and talk even if their classes differ in size.

2.Just like other people they use computers, laptops, and other gadgets. They also use chat and also skype and other kinds of video chatting to commuicate.

3.She uses her knowledge she already know but also used Twitter to make her students known through out the world.

4.I think she is right because students tend to…


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Keynote video

1. They have lots of different technologies in a small setting.

2. They use notebooks, laptops which are used for communication purposes, and desktop.

3. They use skype and video conferencing to communicate with others around the world.

4 It is true because if you are in the virtual world you can get an answer faster and more correct than if you just had a text book.

5. It is very important so that you can learn to communicate better with people all around the…


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1. These classrooms are in small towns and rural areas and they can do just as much as the bigger schools in larger towns.

2. They use Skype to chat with the creator of the Kodu game. They also use emails, laptops, and cell phones.

3. She makes her small classroom known through Twitter. It was author month in Australia and she tweeted for an author to come to her class.

4. Learning virtually defiantly helps communicating with people who live far away. It makes it so much…


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1. It does not matter what size your classroom is it just matters how much technology they have.  2. Most technologies are everyday things that most people have like email, cell phones, and chat. 3.The teachers using video chat to connect with her students all over the world. 4. Some students do not understand everything the teacher teaches so if there is a link to something to do not quite get or understand they can look at the page it is linked to and find further information. 5. It is…


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