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June 2009 Blog Posts (21)

Flat Classroom Project 09-2: Congratulations to all classrooms

Well, the Awards ceremony today for FCP09-2 revealed the best of the best multimedia. I was very pleased to see students, teachers and judges in the Elluminate room. Congratulations to all students and teachers fort heir hard work and dedication to the project!
The awards can be seen at

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Personal Reflection on the Flat Classroom Project

The Flat Classroom has been an interesting two month journey of learning, developing acquired skills and attributes and collaboration between students alike. The students of The Illawarra Grammar School (TIGS) IPT class were given a task were the task to create informative pieces of writing on a subject set depending on what team the student was placed in and then later on make a multi-media artifact that represents the information previously researched. I was placed in the Web 2.0 group,… Continue

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Reflective Writing

Communication between team members was really needed during this assignment. We needed to communicate to make sure people were adding the right information to the wiki page and to make sure the videos that had been uploaded worked and had what the person that requested the outsourced video wanted. Communication also allowed us to learn more about other topics by talking to members of other teams about what they were researching. The Flatclassroom ning had an online IM feature which helped… Continue

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GeoffL_TIGS' Reflective Writing.

The flat classroom project has been a very effective and productive experience for me. The flat classroom project has been my first online collaborative experience, and has allowed me to connect and cooperate with other members from different countries or cultures. Our class was divided into groups and assigned to a topic with students from other schools. From there we began outsourcing for one another on our topic’s multimedia artifact which summarised our research in a multimedia format, and… Continue

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CandiceN_TIGS Reflection of Flatclassroom Project

From about April this year the year eleven Information Processes and Technology class at TIGS have been working on a project called the Flat Classroom Project. This project involved the year eleven students to work together with other students from other schools all over the country and work together in teams. The way we interacted with other students is through the flat classroom ning each group had a different topic and my group’s topic was Mobile and Ubiquitous (M&U).

The Flat… Continue

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Connecting The World Online (CWW) Reflective Writing

In this Flat classroom project, we were divided up into groups with other schools from different countries. Each group had a different topic. My group’s topic was Connecting The World Online (CWW). Every member of my group set up an account on both the wiki and the Ning. The wiki provides us information and guidelines for example how we were going to do it and where we were going to put it. The Ning is a place where it allows us to edit our own page, some of these features includes adding… Continue

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Reflective writing

Flat Classroom Project

Communicating with team members

We used the website “Flat Classroom Project” to do the assessment task. It links to Ning and Wiki page. We used “Flat Classroom Project” communicating with team member and mail to from the teacher. If any news, teacher would send us an e-mail. We became a member on Ning and Wiki, and then added our partners and communicating in the blog each other.


I signed up and became a member on Ning and adding my partners as a… Continue

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I showed a few of my classmates my video. They said that although it was short, they understood the concept behind the video. They also commented on a few of the pictures in the video, saying that they weren't very clear, however I still managed to get the message across. They also said that it was a good idea to show a few of the universities that contributed to virtual education.

It was because of the amount of time we were given for this project that I had not completed all of the… Continue

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Evaluation- Maryam Al Thani


The reason we are all creating videos around the world is to elaborate on the different aspects that are shown by Thomas Friedman in his book 'The World is Flat', and the lectures he has made about his ideology. We were divided into four sectors with students in different regions in the world. I was put into innovation, invention and prediction and connecting the world online. I will show how i carried out the different stages of the design cycle below.

The… Continue

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Reflective writing

In this project, we are divided into groups with other schools. Each group have a different topic, my group is doing about the World Wide Web. We all set up an account on both the wiki and the Ning. The wiki provides us information and guidelines of how we are going to do it and where are we going to put it. The Ning is a place where it allows us to edit our own page, add videos, music, comments and photos.

For communication, I used the Ning to send messages to my teammates. On the… Continue

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June 9, 2009

The video is finally uploaded to the internet as today what I did in the lesson was that I made finishing touches as well as uploaded the video to the Ning. I hope people will benefit from my video as I worked very hard to make it as educationally beneficial as possible. I do have one concern which is that I was saving what I contribute to the Flat Classroom wiki until the end, being unaware that it would be closed beforehand. I will write what I planned to write on the wiki here on my blog… Continue

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June 5, 2009

Today, I came in having worked in the weekend on the voiceovers and the music. Today was really only a day for editing and making sure that everything was ready for the final outcome. I am really proud of what I am doing and am really finding a lot of interesting information about uploading. I feel that the video will teach valuable information too. I plan to have my video done by tomorrow night and uploaded to the Ning on Tuesday.

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June 4, 2009

I have worked outside of class for a while on trying to get all of the video content from Youtube that I wanted in my own video. Today in class, what I did was that I edited and trimmed the videos and put them in the way that I wanted. This proved to be quite easy in the end but it was still quite time consuming as well. At the end of the lesson, I managed to put the effect that I wanted on the few videos in the beginning of the videos. I plan on applying the voiceovers and music at home. I… Continue

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June 2, 2009

Today, I have continued on my create stage. As I go along, I really am finding it quite hard for the video to do exactly what I want it to do, such as with the black and white effect on the beginning of it. I also cannot seem to find a way of recording what I am doing on the screen. This project is proving harder than I had anticipated but I plan on continuing and trying to meet the Tuesday deadline as best as possible.

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First Day of a New Week

I'm finally getting underway with my create section. I have already created 30 seconds of the video and am finding many different ways to manipulate it and make it even better as I go along. Although I feel that the time that we have is very short, I believe that with determination and focus, I will be able to finish it in time. The one thing that is on my mind really is the fact that I haven't worked on my plan yet, though I plan on getting to that in the weekend.

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Evaluation for IT

Creating this project has definitely to be both difficult at some times and quite enjoyable in others. I have many skills and facts that will definitely benefit me for the future. This project has really made me think twice about we use the internet in our lives today and how different our lives without it.

During the investigation stage of this project, I think that I did very well at laying out my design brief and specifications. I also explained the problem in detail and how it… Continue

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My Video - Virtual Communication

I posted my video up on the Ning, it is about virtual education and its relation to education. Here is the link : "">My video

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Process Journals for Create

24th May

Today I requested my outsourced video on the flat classroom wiki. I then decided what I would write in the video. So far I am on task and hopefully someone will reply soon with my video. I will carry on writing my "script" next lesson.

26th May

Today I finished the "script" in plenty of time to put it into a video. This will need to be finished next class. Once this is done I will only have to wait for my outsourced video, record my own video and find some backing… Continue

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Create Stage+Outsource Video

This week i had began working on my video and collecting what is all needed for my video. I collected my information and the pictures that i wanted to use to create my video. I used windows movie maker to create my video and put it all together. I will also going to used some music from royalty free music in my video. This week i had also started creating an outsourced video for someone in another school and i had completed it as well as added onto the Ning. I have also added a link for it in… Continue

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Process Journal

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

In this lesson I went to our business teacher, Mr. Housell to ask him if I could film him for my video, and he agreed, therefore next tuesday I will film him. On Sunday, May 31, 2009, I talked to one of my IT teachers and he suggested that I choose an aspect of the business to talk about, therefore I will now be working on this and I will try to come up with some questions to ask the business teacher.

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