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Outsourced Video

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Outsourced Video


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Horizon Report Summary

Open content is the encouraging or right you have to use information in a more thoroughly way. It is present in your  daily life even if you don’t realize it. Open content has been recognized worldwide as an effective mean to distribute high quality, accessible educational materials to schools in both developed and developing countries. We use it to communicate, do research in school or even at home to download videos…


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Outsource Video

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FCGP Outsourced Video

Video 7 of 7     Video 6 of 7    Video 5 of 7    …


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Outsource Video

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Summary of Horizon Report: 5 Interesting Things

The Horizon Report, when I read it, both shocked me an intrigued me. There were many interesting things I didn't know about before I read it. One of these things is located in the Mobile Learning section. There was a statistic mentioned. This statistic showed how many people in the world are subscribed to the mobile market. The number was 6.5 billion! I had no idea it was even possible that that many are subscribed. This small Earth holds on 7 billion, and there are 6.5 billion mobile…


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FCGP 14-1 Keynote Discussion Response

1. In today's education system, education is too much weighted on grading. Students do not focus on learning anything or the information given to them which could help them out but rather on test taking techniques and studying. It is not fulfilling the purpose of school: Teaching children knowledge they can use for the rest of their lives.

4. School will teach me and others many different education tools needed for the future. Thanks to Computers class, I will now know better how to…


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Horizon Report Summary: Learning Analytics

        The term analytics refers to the analysis of data or statistics obtained from a user's online behavior. Analytics were first used for marketing purposes. Advertisers began to use analytics in order to track their consumers´ behavior online, and then use that information to advertise products based on the consumers´ interests.…


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Mobile Learning Summary

Each day more people are using mobile devices. Learning institutions are looking for ways to make their websites educational materials, and available online and in mobile devices. Tablets, smartphones, and mobile apps are very helpful for learning. Nearly one of two people in the planet has a mobile device. The use of mobile device is greater than the desktop. There are a lot of mobile apps are one of the most popular in downloads, more than entertainment and business apps.…


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Open Content

Open Content is an innovative way for people to get information online. It is available to everyone , and can be edited also by anyone at any time. Some say that being open to edition always is a disadvantage, but I think that this allows the correction of mistakes if more information is known about the topic. In other words, it allows a most accurate research. This new method can be revised by the user and applied to…


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virtual and remote laboratories summary

Virtual and Remote Laboratories


Virtual and Remote Laboratories is a new movement, among education, to make equipments and elements of physical science laboratory easier to learners from any location, via the web. Virtual Laboratories is an web application, that simulates the operations of real laboratories, and it helps students to…


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Open Content

Open Content is a project that can be modified by any person at any time. The author has to give permission so it is aware of all the modifications that are in his work. Open Content has the 4R´s that are reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute. Reuse consists on using another time the same documents with its modifications. Revise consists on to adapting, adjusting, modifying, or altering the content. Remix consists the to combine the original or revised content with other content to…


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Learning Analytics Horizon Report Summary

Learning analytics is a science that was originally used by companies to analyze commercial activities, identify trends, and predict consumer behavior. Education is trying to use this technique aiming to improve student retention and providing personalized experience for students. The same way that companies like netflix, google, amazon, try to personalize their pages according to what you do on the internet and what your interests appear to be, is the way that learning anaylitcs is trying…


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My Name is Charo Mary Gomez, I am 15 years old. I was born in February, 17 of 1999 in Tampico, and  I have one younger brother and sister. I am know studying in The American School of Tampico in the …

My Name is Charo Mary Gomez, I am 15 years old. I was born in February, 17 of 1999 in Tampico, and  I have one younger brother and sister. I am know studying in The American School of Tampico in the 8th grade.


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Virtual and Remote Laboratories


Virtual and remote laboratories reflect the movement among education institutions. It is used to make the equipment and elements for physical science easier via web. Virtual laboratories is a web application that facilitates students to learn in a safety way. The institutions that do not have access to high lab equipment can do experiment and lab work online. Virtual lab is based on software to simulate the lab environment while remote lab is an experiment which is…


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Cloud computing horizon research summary

Cloud computing means the service and tools that are served to a user via Internet from data centers and do not live on a user's device.Clouds can be public, private, secure, or a combination of any of these.Over the past years, cloud computing has been established officially in businesses and schools. Its use is to protect information, develop applications or information, deliver messages to Internet users, and collaborate at the same time others. Cloud computing providers can deliver fully…


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Mobile Learning


March 4,2014

Mobile Learning

After years of excitement and suspense, mobile learning through tablets smartphones and mobile apps is been being adopted in more and more schools around the world. Being connected to abundant and unlimitted knowledge is a privelege that now 3.4 billion users have…


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My name is Travis, I am 18 years young. I LOVE to play video games and hang out with friends.

My favorite:

Color: sky blue

Food: General Tso's chicken

Hobbie: Playing video games

If you want to Know ANYTHING else ask!

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