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Net Gen Reaction Paper

From what I can tell in this excerpt is that the author is pro technology and has positive thoughts about my generation's use of that technology.  He thinks that the expectations of us as businessmen and women will be heightened because of our knack of knowing how others are thinking by communicating with each other so often, it is like we know what each other wants.  He lists all of the skepticism said by other experts on the subject but ignores  them because of…


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Hey Moron Reaction

1. Is there a clear demarcation between who you are online and else where?

        A: Yes i believe there is a big difference between who you are online compared to who you are in real life. Many people feel like they are safe behind their computers and can say what ever they want. A lot of people may say hurtful things to people on the internet because they know nothing bad can happen to them physically when make fun of people over the internet. Also people may act…


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Tapscott reaction

I think that this chapter had some useful info in it.  I thought that it was interesting how he looked at the way that we work.  I was assigned to look at freedom.  One of his main points was that we want to always keep our options open.  Often times people of the net generation do not keep their jobs for more than three years.  This is not good because this effects our benefits.  People who work at one place for a long time often get benefits such as extra pay, more vacation time, or…


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Tapscott reaction

Monday, February 20, 2012


While reading through this chapter of…

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outsource video

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Student Leader
Project Updates

Hello everyone!

I attended a great PM and APM meeting last night so I would like to share some of the things we discussed. It would be very beneficial to start a discussion on the wiki for each week so that we can keep in contact with our team mates about the edits we made for the week. This way people can comment and give you advice on how to improve your edits or even praise you for your effort! Also, we are getting to the video stage and the people who put more effort in and…


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Daniel Pink

Based off of Daniel Pinks qualifications alone I belive that Pink is highly qualified to make the assumptions that he does. Having a BA in marketing coupled with a Juris Degree from Yale law shows that Pink is a highly intellectual man that has the right idea about current job sitiuatuions.

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Daniel Pink

Based off of Daniel Pinks qualifications alone I belive that Pink is highly qualified to make the assumptions that he does. Having a BA in marketing as well as a Juris Degree from Yale law shows that Pink is a highly intellectual man able that has the right idea to current job sitiuatuions.  

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Thomas Friedman

I believe Thomas Friedman is qualified to make predictions about the world becoming "flat". Friedman worked for the New York Times and traveled all the time. His traveling for work gave him insight to what is happening in the world. Traveling all over the world allowed Friedman to see how technology has changed and how each nation uses the technology to their advantage.

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Hey my vactaiton starts now and ends April 16th but we need to get started with the wiki because we are behind. You sgould be able to contact me at any time over the ning or leave messages on the Wiki discussion tab.

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Don Tapscott hey moron

I agree with Don Tapscotts hey moron video, and I disagree with the scientist that don talked about in the video, because our generation is growing and growing, and in the future our use and improvement of technology will be enhanced more.  Making our generation very intelligent.

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Thomas Friedman biography research

Thomas Friedman has given a new definition to the thought of globalization. His strong views, and logical thinking, and open mindset allows for him to be one who truly thinks “outside” of the box. His contributions to the world, other than those he has made to globalization, have greatly improved fields of studies such as cultural studies, and Mediterranean development. His well roundedness and general “wholeness” as an individual, I think, certainly qualifies him for the position of which…


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Thomas Friedman


On the topic of Thomas Friedman, I think anyone with a basic knowledge of a situation is allowed to voice their predictions. Friedman's predictions seem to hold because he is so active in the field. Most of the information he shares seems scary to most readers. Imposing the thought that, we as American will no longer be on top. There is really no problem in all of this. The world could benefit…


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Friedman's Book

I think Thomas Friedman is totaly qualified to make the predictions he does in his book; he worked for the New York Times traveling the world and has won the Pulitzer prize, not once, but three times. The most important point that Friedman made was that factual jobs are being exported from the US (a possible problem for me and other Americans). In this project I hope to learn all about technology and how it affects me, negatively or positively

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Reaction to "Hey Moron"

At first, when Don Tapscott was telling us we are the dumbest generation, I was a bit confused because I had heard about his ideas before. I have heard critiques about our generation. I had never thought until this video mentioned it that the critics didn't have the data to back what they were saying. I do not "steal" and my parents do not spoon feed me. I agree that we are a powerful force for change, because we are all so connected.

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About Me!

Hey I'm a freshman at the Academy of Allied Health and Science and I love to read and draw. I play Tennis and I have a great work ethic. I live in the United States of America. I hope to work with my group members to make an awesome wiki page!

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About Me

 I am joshua and i live in New jersey. i currently play tennis, perform in my schools play, and sing in a church choir. i also privately take piano and vocal lessons. I love to sing and do it almost constantly. i laugh a lot and love food. i've always wanted to go to Fiji before i die. i go to Allied and am so happy to be there. my favorite thing to do in the summer is go to the beach with friends and family and get ice cream after. hope this helps you all learn a little bit more about me,…


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Reactions to Don Tapscott's Videos

After reading Don Tapscott's eight NetGenEd norms i have concluded that I almost completely agree with what he had to say. Our generation is very reliant on the internet, and the internet does make up a big part of who we are and how we work in our daily lives. The statement Don Tapscott said that i agree most with is that this generation is more creative due to the internet. The internet, like Don Tapscott said, has made us scrutinize, collaborate, and innovate. These characteristics have…


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Reaction to Tapscott Video

I agree with Tapscott. He is right about how "critics" are wrong in calling us the stupid generation, when really we are the "smart" generation. Those critics are just afraid of change and innovation. Since the start of time, there has always been opposition, or critics who try to stand in the way of advancement, because they are afraid that by advancing, we are also regressing. In fact, Tapscott should be totally acknowledged, because he conducted $4 million research! Altogether, I agree…


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Introduction to me

Hi I'm Chris and I love all things art. I enjoy sculpting, painting, and drawing. On the literary side of art I enjoy writing poetry, short stories, and creepy pastas (online horror stories).

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