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April 2010 Blog Posts (6)

The World has Become Flat

One of the four

'flatenners' which contributed to the world becoming "flat" was the

date August ninth of 1995, the second flattener. The morning of this

very crucial date was when Netscape went public. The one thing that

Netscape is most well-known for is creating the web browser. Today, the

web browser is something that basically no one can live without or stay

away from. Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and many other…

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Columbus you're wrong. The world is flat.

Thomas Friedman is the author of the book "The World is Flat." The book talks about a world that is moving faster than most can keep up. It discusses America's position on this global economic flat platform, as well the problems the country will face and ways to prevent and solve these issues that… Continue

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but Christopher Columbus told us the world is round. not flat...

Something I found interesting upon reading a summary of Thomas Friedman's book, The World is Flat, was the fact that different groups of people around the world are

impeding globalization and the movement into a 'flattening' world. For

example, the AIDS virus that has infected millions globally is

preventing them from moving forward in society because they are too

sick. Also, different groups are interacting with one another and it…


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So, The World Really Is Flat!

One of the factors that led to globalization and world flattening, according to Thomas Friedman, is Netscape. The US computer services company is renown for its web browser. Headquarters originated in Mountain View, California. The “Web broadened the audience for the Internet from its roots… Continue

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Press Release: Flat Classroom Conference, Beijing, Feb.2011

Flat Classroom Conference 2011

Latest News!

Beijing (BISS) International School are pleased to be hosting t
he next Flat Classroom Conference, to be held in Beijing, China, February 25-27, 2011.

“Join us at the W.A.L.L. - We All Learn & Lead”…


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Leveraging Business for Social Change BUILDING THE FIELD OF SOCIAL BUSINESS

Your social business could win a cash prize and global visibility.



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