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Schools can make online global collaboration work. They must be open and willing rather than isolated or bias. Once they have the attitude to make the change, they must begin upgrading their computers or hardware. However, when it is achieved, they will be able to utilize the many benefits associated with online global collaboration. 

FCGP is working fine for me. I sometimes use it to post video's check up on folks in the circles. However, there a few disadvantages. For instance,…


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Hi, I am part of TEAM 4D.

Here is the link to our wiki:"

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My Team Page!

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Horizon Report Findings

The first thing that I did not know existed was maker spaces. I find them very cool and unique because I have never heard of them. I think it is a great way to come up with new ideas and make equipment but also have the aid of your community. I wonder if we have maker spaces by where I live. I would love to check it out sometime to see how it is if there is one near me. 

Another thing I found very interesting was the…


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Horizon Report Findings

Something I thought was interesting was that starting at a young age children will be taught how to program computers and create online games. Students will have more hands on work, so they could have a better understanding on how to exactly do something.This would help them learn how to work better with technology. 

Something else that I thought was interesting was wearable technology helps keep track of goals that want to be accomplish…


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Horizon Report Findings

Horizon Report Findings


Wearable technology has been a huge advancement for those who can afford it. It is used for tracking your daily activities and for managing routines and healthy lifestyles. They have also been creating new ways of wearable technology for learning purposes such as virtual reality to explore places you cannot go such as underwater or in a desert. These advancements are great for managing tasks…


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Handshake pt 2

After seeing everyone's handshakes I felt mine was a bit underwhelming so I decided to redo it. I am a sophomore at Berea-Midpark High School. I work at an Arbys near where I live. I am a huge fan of all hip hop and rap, 90s/2000s punk and alt rock, and artists like Sinatra. After high school I plan on going to college majoring in law and political science. As of now in my free time when I'm not working I play grand strategy games or write lyrics or my political and economic beliefs.

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i'm Dom, and i'm in virtual reality which is group 4b. is where you can find your group.

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Flat Connections Global Project 17-1 TEAM GRID of Student Collaborations

I am doing Robitics, I am in team 3c. This is the link to the teams. here is the info. 

Horizon Report Findings

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My name is Jacob. I live in Ohio and I’m 16. I’m a sophomore how goes to Berea midpark high school. In my free time, I like to fish and hang out with my friends. My favorite sports to watch and play are basketball and baseball. I look forward to working with all of you.

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Research Entry #1: Artificial Intelligence and it's Influence on an Individual

As we further advance with robotics, computers, and artificial intelligence, we ponder the more frequent the thought of general artificial intelligence becoming a reality occurs. But how would the advent of general artificial intelligence affect us on an individual level?

 Now there are different ways on how artificial intelligence can affect us. For a person who is religious, this can be seen as us humans…


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Horizon Report Findings

5 Things that I found interesting after reading the Horizon Report are:

  • Online Learning-I found it very interesting that schools across the world were using this type of learning style. Some of the schools included Rwanda, Costa Rica, and India. They are pursuing the one laptop per student concept to allow students to work at school and at…


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Horizontal Report Findings

Five Things I found Interesting/Didn't know

  • The development of robotics dates back as early as 350 BC.

  • As robots become more sophisticated some worries that they could take away jobs from humans.

  • Schools are increasingly teaching programming as an integral skill, with pilots illuminating…


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Horizon Report 5 interesting/new things

Horizon Report

One thing that I learned is that changing our learning environment including the traditional structure of schools can have a big impact on learning. In this report it talks about new spaces and how classrooms are being put together to help accommodate more group projects. Having more of these group projects help incorporate more hands-on scenarios, which in turn resembles more…


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Horizon Report Findings

Classrooms are now beginning to resemble work and social environments in order to prepare students for real-world experiences.  I found this interesting because it allows students to be familiar with daily working life to some extent.  This will not only benefit students in the future, but also employers.  A job applicant with some familiarity with a work/social environment is more desirable to an employer than one without.



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Horizon Report

The new horizon report introduces a brand new classroom design. The new design is focused on hands on learning. Schools are accommodating for these flipped classrooms to allow mobility and flexibility for students. Wireless bandwidths are being upgraded to create “smart rooms” these support technology related education. Collaborative thinking is being encouraged and other methods of web communication are being used…


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Horizon Essay

Increasing Use of Hybrid Learning Designs

Internet is starting to become a big way of learning along all ages, from elementary school to college. A large variety of teachers are now using it. Teachers are discovering that it helps to engage students in a variety of ways which I most definitely agree with. It gives us a different way to do things instead of using paper and pen. I personally really like using programs and more on the computer to do projects whether…


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