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Strategies for generating e-Books

Once our students have nailed down the main ideas they want to focus on, I think it would be a good idea to create some additional pages within the wikispace so that each main idea has its own wikipage. That way, we can break up the e-book project into manageable chunks or "chapters." Any thoughts on this approach?

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RSS feedly with audio

New RSS video with audio 

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Keynote Discussion

Keynote Discussion

Question 1- The things that are wrong with America's education system is that schools do not have a variety of subjects to learn from. Most schools just learn about the basic subjects like math and reading. Schools need more subjects that can benefit them in the future like financial learning classes. Also, tuition for colleges should decrease. The cost for colleges these days are very high, and most people cant afford to go. We have to decrease the cost of college…


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The Extended Flat Connections Community

One of the most valuable ways the Flat Connections Global Project helps students to see learning as taking place beyond the classroom walls is through the use of expert advisors.  According to Flat Connections founder…


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Hi, my name is Yesica and I live in Mexico. I enjoy playing volleyball, jogging and dancing. My favourite subject is math. I like to watch tv series. I love reading books and going to the beach. My favourite animals are penguins and dodos. I like to do many things and I consider myself a very open minded person. 

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My name is Edith, but people call me Didi; I'm from Mexico. I love playing volleyball, basketball, running and dancing. Singing is my passion; I have been singing since I was 5 years old. I love The Fault In Our Stars; it's my favorite book. I enjoy playing the guitar and the piano, drawing, dancing and acting. Math is my favorite subject and next comes English.  I own a dog and a squirrel. I used to own a rabbit, 21 fish, another dog, cats and a bird; but they…


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Horizon Project Post

I was not aware of cloud computing before today. After today I know clouds mainly promoted by data centers can be used from private to secure purposes. Those clouds can be used for file storage, virtualization, collaboration, and connection to computing cycles. Most institutions make use of cloud computing, for example Google apps, a SAAS provider. Google apps has became a widely used cloud for education institutes. The institutions move their email to Gmail and use Google Docs for sharing…


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Response to the Keynote: Open

The concepts and the idea of the Internet making everything more "OPEN" will improve not only the way technology is implemented in education, but how we function together as a society. With the creation of the internet and the industry that subsequently followed new types of jobs were created and suddenly new fields of learning and applications expanded before our eyes. The ability to communicate with someone around the world almost instantly came soon after, as did the potential for…


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RSS: Feedly

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Response to the Keynote:Open

The concepts and the idea of the Internet making everything more "OPEN" is becoming more relevant. I agree with the author that there has been a large push in many different environments for information to be shared more freely and it can be very beneficial. The new way information is being shared allows for one to gain multiple perspectives while also equalizing us. As we move forward things like textbook will become even more outdated  as we use the internet to access…


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Response to the Keynote:Open

Open is touching and elaborating on the ideas the internet has brought and how it has now allowed us to spread and find information in a much more direct and up front way. Being able to see events in the view of multiple perspectives, education is different. It has given this generation a benefit that no other has experienced. The wide web has given us access to news, software, courses online, jobs and free information. I love the idea that this book talks about the positive side of the…


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Response to the Keynote: Open

David Price's Open mentions the different possibilities and opportunities that the internet has to offer. I personally believe that the ideas that he talks about are very interesting and agreeable.

When it comes to education, Price believes that it is slow at adapting. Things like textbooks are easily outdated, but the internet is a resource that is constantly updated. The internet allows for everything to be accessible, making it easier and faster to learn. Everything is indeed more…


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Response to the Keynote: Open

The concepts and the idea of the Internet making everything more "OPEN" is most applicable to the diffusion of information across the globe. Education is outdated and slow to adapt, but students no longer are restrained to a single perspective. With access to the internet, students are developing diverse perspectives on issues that have historically been dominated by a single narrative.

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Response to the Keynote: Open

The concepts and the idea of the internet making everything more "OPEN" is definitely something to work towards. So much good can come out of this. The ability to gain access to practically limitless amounts of information through the internet inspires so many new dreams, as well as provides the next be step towards equality.  I think the internet is a great resource that has not even come close to its' full potential, seeing how new ideas are spread daily out of human creativity and…


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Response to the Keynote: Open

I thought a lot of what he said was valid.  Because of the technology we have today, information is being shared much more quickly and is really accessible to almost everyone.  Education is really outdated and one of the slowest to adapt to technology, which is unfortunate because it can enrich our learning experience by so much more if we took full advantage of it.  The internet is opening up so many opportunities for us to connect and share our ideas to increase our knowledge and improve…


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Response to the Keynote: Open

The Open Keynote was pretty fascinating. It talked about how the internet was basically making the world open. Information was open to the public because you can find anything on the internet. People couldn't really hide information because you could find it on the internet. It was destroying TV because you now have Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. It mentioned how education is the slowest adapting to the internet and this open information, and also how the education system is…


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Response to the Keynote; Open

The concepts and the idea of the Internet making everything more "OPEN" because the reason for the Internet being made was to connect a computer to a server and vice versa. The idea of connectivity has further developed into almost every field, but education is taking awhile to do so. In almost everything we do we can be connected with anyone almost anywhere, for example this blogpost could be seen by a 43 year old…


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