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When doing this project each one of us is given a topic. Mine is Virtual Communication. It is a new form of technology that is breaking down barriers and is exploding into society. It is defined as "the modern technological phenomenon through which the transmission of information is achieved to the remote or distant locations where the content, intentions or actors may either be non existent or be distorted, replaced or created in another form, using the advancements of information technology."… Continue

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The World is Flat

The World is Flat is an historical and geographical journey developed by Friedman, he presents it through stories and anecdotes from the discovery of America until a modern day Indian call center. He presents real-world examples that range from induestries, cultures and schools of thoughts.Thomas Friedman the creator, made an examination of the influences shaping business and the competition in technology, nowadays in our globalized world, his purpose is to make governments aware that it is… Continue

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MYP Design Cycle

The MYP Design Cycle consists of five stages: Investigate, Design, Plan, Create, and Evaluate.

Investigate Stage: The investigation requires a description of the problem and an explanation on why the problem is important. The student must also relate the problem to their own life, to society and to one or more areas of interaction (A.O.I.'s). In addition to this, a couple of questions to guide them through their investigation. Surveys and questionnaires should be conducted and the… Continue

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Thomas Friedman's video

Thomas Friedman is the foreign affairs columnist for the New York Times. His content is always stimulating and his titles are the best, he wrote "Dancing Alone" and "last week broccoli" amongst others. He has 3 books from Beirut to Jerusalem and he is a graduate in Mediterranean Studies. He is a really important and powerful public voice when it comes to topics such as the importance of technology and how men and women are educated in this field. His book "the world is flat" has been gaining… Continue

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Flat Classroom Project

In Information Technology we are doing a project called the Flat Classroom Project. This is a global,collaborative project that is developed using Internet tools in order to foster communication, collaboration and creation. It was inspired on the book "The World is Flat" written by Thomas Friedman and was created by Julie Lindsay (our It teacher) and Vicki Davis an IT teacher in America.

This project has 3 main goals: First to edit and update previous information, second to create digital… Continue

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Chapter 15 Summary- The World is Flat

Through The World Is Flat Thomas Friedman is calling to action for governments, businesses and individuals the need to remain competitive in the current technology-fueled global environment. He explains to the audience how the world is moving faster than most can keep up, he presents not only the problems we face, but preventative measures and possible solutions. The World is Flat is Friedman’s dissection of globalization as to explain the forces driving the flattening of the world, though he… Continue

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Chapter 14 Summary

The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention

This chapter opens by introducing a new study of the "supply-chain" by using Friedman's computer as an example. The study later explores how geopolitical conflicts could slow globalization.

Tom Friedman has a theory: "two countries invested in a business together by being part of the same global supply-chain are less likely to go to war, as they are now heavily invested in the success of the business venture. Any interruption to… Continue

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Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman is an award-winning American journalist, columnist and author, a contributor to The New York Times. He is a supporter of globalization and modernization.
He was born on born in 1953 and has won the prestigious Pullitzer Prize three times.

Mr. Friedman first discusses his views on globalization, terrorism, Kosovo War, the war in Iraq, and climate change in his book, The World Is Flat.

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Second Post

I work together with Simon on our topic "Government Politics and Employment" at our wikispace "Virtual communication". It was hard to start, but now it runs. Meanwhile our wikispace looks good and has a lot of information allready. But i think we should have more time for all our different "home"works. i dont know how it should work that the pupil do outsourcing which has dont contact me allredy?! I think the video and the associated outsourcing is most difficult work at this projekt, but if… Continue

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How I feel about this project - 13 days later

Hello everbody,

the work with this project is getting better and better.
Our wiki becomes a shape - although not everbody seems to be working on it.
I still have to edit my part on it, but i was busy finding some things i could write for background.

That's it

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Second Blog

At the moment it makes fun to work on our wiki because we come along with this project.

We found very interesting information about our topic. We only have to sum up these information and wrote them into the wiki.
Cause we have done this already for the most part somebody who speaks very good english and knows how to write this grammatical correct should improve our wiki-article.

see you


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Psychological Profile during this project II

Hey guys,

The work in the wiki is much easier as befor^^ but i dont know why :O
Hmm doesnt matter xD

One point about the work with our international partners is a little bit anoying.
The missing synchonal :-/

The germans(my School) had nearly completed the background text in the wiki


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Blog 2.0 Continuing the Story

Hello outthere its me your friend,

we are working very hard on our project. My members and I.
We were editing our wiki with new information on our topic:
"Wireless Connectivity".
I also read the flattener in the book. Very interesting!
I recommend to read it.
Next steps we are about to do is to work even harder on our topic!

See you soon.

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Second entry

Tjerk and I work on our "extra" theme "science, enviroment and health". We write a few sentences about that but the language is further on a big problem. It takes much time to translate the german pages (my sources are mostly in german) into english.Then I ask the others or look in the online dictionary, and it goes on. I hope I can complete my researches and texts in the wiki next week. I will work harder on it, so I can finish it quickly, because we have to make a little video about it and… Continue

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language and other problems...

In the last weeks i found some interesting articles about my topics, most in german language.

In school i evaluated my articles and tried to make meaningful recapitulatory sentences and texts to improve the wiki. The most sentences/texts are still in progress and not in the wiki.

So why take it so much time to sum up just a few articles?

It take so much time because i am not as good in this language as i have to be to work fast and efficient.

An other problem is, that… Continue

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Here we go: Research and Multimedia intersect on FCP09-1

Hello and welcome to all students in the Flat Classroom Project 2009-1 collaboration! I am not sure if you realise this but we are more than half way through the actual hard work part of the project. However, you have just completed the EASY half so far! Don't get worried, the next half is HARD, but much more FUN!

By now you should have added your research and ideas to your… Continue

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Review of Project by Dr John Turner

Greetings 21st Century teachers and students.

As someone who has been involved in several Flat Classroom projects in the past I thought I would have a look over your work to date and provide some input from one who's been there.

Some reflections

- this project always seems confusing at times because it is so new, so inter-connected and so 'out there' But the value for learning in so many new ways always makes your efforts worth it. So keep going.

- don't try… Continue

Added by Dr J Turner on February 14, 2009 at 4:22pm — 3 Comments

Psychological Profile during this Project (Reloaded) xD

Hey guys

At the beginning of this project i was a little bit doubtfully about it. But after getting some "tangible" task's,

i thought i got the project right.

To do some researches about my theme wasn't a real defiance. But ..... not really infrequently i get new

introductions which switched the task. This was a little bit ardous and annoying but maybe this is part of the project :-/ .

hmm let see what this project bring up :)

greetz… Continue

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Chapter 10 summary - The World is Flat storyboard

The first thing that deserves a mention is the book itself, The World Is Flat, by Thomas Friedman. An essential theme of this book revolves around the idea of globalisation, and its impact on our world today. Hence the title, as the technology today has eased the ties among the countries of the world, therefore the mention of the ‘flat world’.


The number 10 is significant as it is the chapter of the Thomas Friedman book that I am covering. This… Continue

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11th February 2009 – Web 2.0 and Education Web 2.0 is certainly bringing cultural changes, for example the latest was Barack Obamas new media strategy, which played a big part in this win. He attrac…

11th February 2009 – Web 2.0 and Education

Web 2.0 is certainly bringing cultural changes, for example the latest was Barack Obamas new media strategy, which played a big part in this win. He attracted the youth vote through social media.

Our children are growing up in a world that is changing faster than ever before. This generation are used to things like mobile… Continue

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