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About Me:
I like to take part in stage crew at my home high school and play violin.


   Hi, my name is Daniela and I am a freshman at AAHS. 3 hobbies I like to participate in are skiing, special effects makeup, and listening to music. I have gone skiing a few times in the past 3-4 years and although I don't get to do it often I really enjoy the thrill of speeding down the slopes. Just a week ago I went skiing with my friends and we went on jump courses and a few black diamonds! Special effects makeup is a little more laid back, and I can chose to do it whenever I want to. For quite a few years I have been watching shows like Face Off and I always found the wild makeups to be very intriguing. Although I am not the best at it, it is really cool to be able to make scars and bruises that look real. It is a great skill to have around Halloween! Listening to music is a great hobby because it is very relaxing and it isn't very time consuming because I can do other things while listening to songs such as do homework. On my bus ride to and from school music can motivate me to do work or help me relax after a long day of school.

   When it comes to food, I usually eat very simple foods such as macaroni or pizza, but on special occasions such as my birthday, I like to eat more exotic foods such as hibachi steak, thai food, or fondue. At home, my favorite dishes made by my parents include pastina, chicken noodle soup, and cavatelli and broccoli. Overall, my favorite food would have to be pastina because you can never go wrong with it and it never gets boring.   My favorite sports include horseback riding, skiing, and curling. I have been horseback riding for 7 years and I love it because it is a challenge every time and the horses are so gentle. Skiing is a lot of fun because I get to hang out with my friends and do cool tricks on the jump courses. Curling is not a sport I have ever played, but when it was featured on Snapchat a few weeks ago my friends loved it. I had never heard of it before, but I found it intriguing and funny to watch. 

   Over the weekend I like to relax, watch netflix, hang out with friends, and to stage crew. Throughout the week I do not have much time to unwind with school, homework, stage crew, and violin lessons occupying my time. My friends from my home high school usually invite everyone over to their house and we will play games and joke around. Sometimes we will go out to lunch or go to the mall and walk around which is always so much fun. On Saturdays I go to stage crew for around 5 hours and build and paint the sets with a few people. I like this better then the meetings on Monday and Wednesday because it is a lot less crowded and it is more laid back. We can arrive at any time we want, and at lunch time we get an hour to go to Panera or walk to the pizza place near by. It is a lot of fun joking around with everyone and although it takes a lot of hard work and time to build the sets it is really rewarding in the end. 

   I would not say there is any specific genre of movies that I like, because I have seen many movies, but I have never disliked any. The only category I can narrow down my favorite movies into is fiction. I must say comedies such as White Chicks and The Heat are not my favorite, but I do like Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I have a hard time narrowing down my favorite movie, but I really liked Guardians of the Galaxy, Finding Nemo, and Back to the Future. I really liked Guardians of the Galaxy because the humor and sound track were perfect. Finding Nemo is a movie that I grew up with, so I could watch it over and over and never get bored. I chose Back to the Future because it is a classic movie that I really enjoyed because it was never dull for a second and it also had the theme of time traveling which is also in one of my favorite TV shows, Doctor Who.

   I listen to music at least twice a day, and I usually listen to a few different types of music. Depending on what I am doing I will listen to different artists. If I am studying I can't listen to music with words, so I will usually put on violin music. By far my favorite string instruments song would be the Vitamin String Quartet's cover of When You Were Young by the Killers. I really like this song because it is upbeat, and the riff is very catchy. When I am on the bus I usually listen to music with words such as Blink 182, Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, and Green Day. My favorite song by Blink 182 is Adam's song because the meaning behind it is very moving and a lot of emotion was poured into the lyrics. Recently, I got into the musical Hamilton which is rising in fame. My favorite song would have to be The Schuyler Sisters because it is very catchy and up beat, and I am learning about history while listening to the soundtrack. Hamilton is the first hip hop musical, and the combination of amazing voices, an awesome orchestra, and the way the music is presented makes it addictive to listen to. 

One unusual thing about me is that I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.


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At 3:51am on March 10, 2016, StevenC_dfhs said…

Hi, I'm Steven C from DeForest High School. It has come to my attention you are my team leader for the research project. I look forward to working together. 

At 2:27am on March 5, 2016, Evan S_BMHS_6/7 said…

I also like steak and hibachi! those are my 2 favorite foods


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