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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

I think that empathy is easily a big part of my life. I am a dancer who tends to dance with girls who are thought of to be the rival of our DeForest School. Majority of us girls who attend this studio either go to Waunakee High School (the rival) or DeForest High SChool (my school). When dancing together we have to put these differences behind us and learn to work together with one another and understand why we all enjoy doing what we do. I think this picture is a great representation of this because we all had separate jobs to complete this lift but had to work together at the same time so that no one got hurt and I did not fall. I tend to consider these girls to be my "sisters" as we tell each other everything and really know the meaning of empathy towards one another as we are always giving each other advice and comforting each other when one needs it most. This is why I believe that empathy is truly a big part of my life.

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