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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Flat Connections Global Project

Welcome to the Flat Connections Global Project (FCGP)!

This project will run for the first time February-June 2014. It is based on the very successful Flat Classroom Project and NetGenEd Projects that ran for most of 2006-2013.

Joining this Ning for the FCGP

Teachers, once you join you be given 'Teacher' admin status so that you can approve your own students onto the Ning. Nobody else approves them but you! Please make sure you have this permission before you start a class and expect students to start work in this environment. Please do not approve anyone else's students.

Students may use their full names, if approved by your school. Otherwise we typically ask for FIRSTNAME_LAST INITIAL as a format and you can also include the SCHOOL CODE instead of the last initial or both! Make sure you have checked with PMs re your school code first so there is no confusion.


Read more about the Flat Connections Global Project and how to join.

Student Leaders

You are asked to support and encourage. You have your own group to join where information will be shared.


You will be directed into teams and use this Ning portal as well as the accompanying wiki to connect, communicate and collaborate with other students across the world.

Expert Advisors

Welcome! Our plans for flattened learning include you as well! Please join the Experts group and read instructions to become involved.

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