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Student Leaders,

As we plan our Team meetings in Blackboard, we should cover a core set of topics and build a PowerPoint presentation that can be used uniformly at the meetings by each team. This will ensure that we are sending the same message. What topics do we want to cover in the meeting?

Add to this list by replying to the post:

  • communication - how to, why, importance
  • wiki expectations - where to work
  • wiki discussion post
  • demonstration needs (teachers or tech gurus can demo tools for you)
  • ?

I will check in with teachers to find some ideal times to suggest for meetings. We should plan on meetings occurring throughout the beginning to middle of next week.

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Hi, I'm Olivia and the Project Manager/Student Leader for Games & Gamification. Currently my group is still in the Introduction Stage and has slowly began gathering and sharing information about what gamification is. 

Hello, this is Alejandro from 3D printing. Maybe we could talk about the expectations for referencing information. I've noticed that some people put a hyperlink but don't actually reference the source at the bottom. 

Good idea - I'll add that on to the list

Hi all! My name is Camille and I am the Student Project Leader for the topic of Tablet Computing. So far, my group has been slowly gathering research and familiarizing themselves with the topic of Tablet Computing. We have already started multiple discussions on the wiki about what kinds of things we hope to expand on and discuss in our research. We are in early stages of the project but are sharing all of our discoveries. I have not been at school for the past couple days as I am currently ill but I have been trying to keep up with all that is happening here on the wiki.

As far as the powerpoint presentation goes, I think we should focus on getting everybody kind of on the same page as to what is happening when because right now with the NING and the wiki, I know that many people are confused as to where we share information and where we write what, so I think that's one thing we have to majorly clarify in the presentation.

Good idea to provide an outline of what to do on the wiki and how to use the ning for communication.

I think we should discuss on what the important things are in the project and what we need to do.

sounds good

Hi! Communication has been most important for the collaboration and cooperation required of this project. I listened to all of the meetings, but will there be any others even though the wiki is closed tomorrow?

We will likely schedule a meeting for the week of April 15 to plan the promotion of filling outsource videos and reviewing the next steps. The wiki usually remains open for a few more weeks so schools that were on break can catch up. I would plan on continuing fine-tuning for a bit longer if necessary.


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