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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Student Managers: reply to this post with your activities for the past two weeks with highlights from your team's activities. Give areas of focus for next week.

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This past week a lot more people have been involved in the editing of the Wiki. Now every section has information in it. I have posted in the discussion board about possible changes people could make. I have seen a few changes as a result of my posting but I think I will try posting in the Ning from now on. Next week we will start taking all the information we have in the Wiki and making it more eloquent and one cohesive document instead of separate, distinct paragraphs. 

This past week, I have been encouraging all to contribute to the wiki and fine-tune their sections. I also have been editing and contributing to the wiki myself. I fixed a lot of spacing and my team helped move all information to its correct section after the little glitch. Next week I hope to finalize all wiki information and assist all new members just logging on now!

A lot went on this week, people finally started editing and collaborating with their groups. All the sections are pretty much done except the overview and there are still corrections to be made on a few things all within the wiki. 


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