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Student Managers: reply to this post with

  • your activities for the week
  • highlights from your team's activities
  • areas of focus for next week
  • techniques you tried that might help other student managers

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Hello everyone, this week was basically spent just trying to get in touch with everyone in my group. I got in touch with the Project Manager and we made a group and are still working on getting everyone to join it and start communicating. I've also been on the wiki where I posted an idea or two of what I found relating to the topic and looked through to make sure everyone was on track. Hopefully, like Alejandro said, we should have everyone by Monday and be ready to really get some cooperative work done.

That week I attempted to contact everyone in my group and add them  on the ning and fill them in about what was going on. SarahM and I had been in constant emails trying to figure out what we were both going to do to get the group going.


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