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Student Managers: reply to this post with

  • your activities for the week
  • highlights from your team's activities
  • areas of focus for next week
  • techniques you tried that might help other student managers

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Hello! This week I tried organizing people who are under Tablet Computing. I gathered some people on the Ning, but not many. I also found out there are people on the Wiki so I'm trying to make the people in the group see the Wiki discussions. Camille and I were also talking about focusing on Tablets in schools and the negative and positive affects. Next week hopefully we'll start discussing what each subgroup is planning to do and help them make a draft of everything. :)

Nice job - you have been doing an amazing job communicating throughout the ning :)

Hi! This week, I have friended everyone in my learning and analytics column and commented on every one of their pages. In addition, I sent a message out to everyone in my group explaining who I am and asking them all to begin contributing to the wiki and ning as soon as possible. I also created a group primarily for the discussion of learning and analytics here on the ning. I have been trying to identify team managers for every Don Tapscott subtopic norm and been messaging them through the ning to get their input on how everything in their subtopic is going so far. I have also been trying to get in contact with my co-manager and hopefully will begin discussing ideas and problems as soon as I can. Next week, I hope to begin real contributions to the wiki as everyone logs on and becomes situated and comfortable with their tasks. For other managers, I highly suggest the ning's messaging system for communication!

Awesome points - yes, I also recommend the ning's messaging system. Good ideas!

Hello, this week I became acquainted with my Assistant Project Manager and we formed a group for the 3D printing team. We are currently having difficulty connecting with all of our project team members and have sent them multiple messages, I'm sure they will respond by Monday. 

So far the 3D printing team has added great information to all of the subtopics except Entertainment. I have been going through the added information and started making small grammatical changes and making reminders about doing references correctly. I also posted on the Ning group page about not simply adding chunks of information to the page but instead adding on to other's work and turning it into cohesive paragraphs. Hopefully by next week we will have lots of information from all of the team members. 

Excellent leadership - I like that you are encouraging your teams to feel comfortable tweaking each others ideas to make them better.

Hello! This week, I just tried to get acquainted with everyone who is under the Tablet Computing group. I saw that a couple students created a group for gathering people together on the NING, and I have been trying to promote the use of that group through posts on the wiki. I have also been heavily monitoring wiki discussions and replying to them as often as I possibly can. I feel that our group is really starting to communicate very well. Just like Anitha said, we have been talking about focusing on certain topics and how we can expand on them. I look forward to another successful week! :)

nice work - I like that you are making those replies. That makes the experience meaningful.

Hi everyone! Like just about all the other student leaders, this week was basically spent getting acquainted and organized with everyone in my Massively Open Online Courses Group. I became friends with everyone in my group and introduced myself by commenting on their page. I also got to know them by watching all the handshake videos, though many students didn't have one on their page. There are still a couple of people who haven't joined yet, so next will be the first week to start assigning work and choosing the manager for each small group. My only suggestion for all managers is that if you want to send the same message to everyone in your group, go into your inbox, click compose, and then select all friends on the network, so everyone in your group can be on the same page.

Great pointers - good idea to watch the handshake videos to get to know your team, too.

Hey everyone this week has been crazy with trying to find everyone and trying to organize everything and try to get in contact with everyone. I created the MOOCs group and am still waiting for everyone to join and be a part of everything.'

nice job trying to track everyone in your team down - as students continue to sign up, keep watching for those team members you haven't seen join your group. We'll get them all soon :)


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