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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

This discussion forum is for judges of the Flat Classroom Project 2013-1. Please interact and ask questions and offer advice to new judges and support each other through the process.

Don't forget the Master List of Videos is on the wiki.

Thanks everyone!


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Judging starts now!

Thank you to our 15 judges (14 + our meta-judge Aaron Maurer) who have volunteered time and effort over the next week to watch and review student media. We are indebted to you all, and offer you many thanks in advance for this task.

The Master List of Videos wiki has the following info:
Topic 1: MOOC - Total Number of Videos: 22
Topic 2: Tablet Computing - Total Number of Videos: 16
Topic 3: Games and Gamification - Total Number of Videos: 16
Topic 4: Learning Analytics - Total Number of Videos: 21
Topic 5: 3D Printing - Total Number of Videos: 19
Topic 6: Wearable Technology - Total Number of Videos: 18

We ask that you review each video in the topic you have chosen in relation to RUBRIC 1 - criterion A and B

Please note, each topic video is cross grided (see team grid) with one of the 8 NetGen Norms. When you are reviewing the multimedia a top video will in fact refer to this themes.

We ask that connect with your fellow judges, according to the topics you are judging and confer before sending in final scores for your top 4 or videos. You may also use the Ning Judges group, NetGenEd forum as a point of communication if needed. The Surveshare link to submit your final choices is coming - right now I cannot get the tool to open, the server must be down, but this will not stop you from starting the watching and selecting process early this week.

Finally, the Master List of Videos is now locked however there may be a handful of videos submitted on Monday, and if so I will update the relevant judges.

I just wrapped up my thoughts on the top videos. However, I think it is important to have collaboration on this. Please take a look at my thoughts and comments and let me know if you agree/disagree.

I was torn on a few places so these are not set in stone yet.


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