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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

This discussion forum is for judges of the Flat Classroom Project 2013-1. Please interact and ask questions and offer advice to new judges and support each other through the process.

Don't forget the Master List of Videos is on the wiki.

Thanks everyone!


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I emailed everyone on our list to judge FCP13-1 today. If you did not receive the personal email please connect with me asap.

This is what I suggest you do to work through the judging process now:

  • Review the Rubric - download a copy if needed
  • Review each video in the section you are judging - take notes and eliminate/discount those videos not worthy of an award.
  • Review your top videos again and start to place them into an order - 1st, 2nd etc
  • Confer with those in your team and discuss - it is ok to have different opinions, BUT it makes the awards process a lot easier if you can generally agree
  • For you TOP VIDEOS ONLY we ask you complete an online survey form - this will be emailed to you Monday April 29. One form is to be filled in for each video and submitted
  • Finally we ask that you visit the Ning area for any of the videos you wish to comment on (depending on time) - the actual page where the video is uploaded/embedded - and leave a supportive and constructive comment for the student  - see example

Thanks everyone!


Thank you, Julie. 

This is very helpful. I viewed the videos and downloaded the rubrics. I e-mailed my topic's (Web 2.0) co-judges but haven't heard from them. 

I haven't received an e-mail with the survey form. May be it is on the way...



Hi Ludmila, the Judging survey form is HERE. I will email this out as well now. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the student multimedia.


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