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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

FCGP 17-2 Teacher Meeting #4

Hello Global Educators,

Here is an update from our most recent meeting.  As always, please reach out in the google group with any questions or concerns.

Meeting Recording

Meeting Slides

While students continue to add their research to the wiki, we encourage teachers and students to start thinking about the creation phase of the project.  All students have the opportunity to create a video to represent their learning of the topic they have been researching.  

The following links will be helpful in learning about the video creation process and can be found on the FCGP 17-2 wiki.

Video Guidelines

Video Rubric

One of the critical pieces of the video is the outsource piece.  As students begin to create storyboards for their videos, they should consider an outsource request that would be suitable for the video and manageable for their global partners.  All video outsource requests should be posted on the individual topic pages on the wiki.  Screen shots with directions can be found in our meeting presentation.

Please consider the following presentation as a guide for students as they begin brainstorming video ideas.  

Finally, please consider our timeline for the remainder of the project:

  • Classroom and student handshake: September 21 - October 1

  • Collaborative editing: October

  • Video pitches and creation: October - November

  • Video outsourced requests due: November 15

  • Video outsourced requests completed and uploaded: November 21

  • FCGP videos due: December 1

  • Student Summits: December

  • Video Judging Phase 1: December 1-8

  • Video Judging Phase 2 (meta-judging): December

Thanks for all of your work!  Please keep the lines of communication open and ask for help when needed.


Amy & Sheri


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