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FCGP 17-1 Teacher Meeting #3 Update

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all the fantastic work on the ning and the team grid.  Things came together quickly.  Thank you!

Here are the slides and recording from our meeting:

Meeting Slides

Meeting Recording

Here are our next steps:

  • communication should continue on the ning throughout the project as students meet their teammates and work together in their research groups.  Student leaders will be inviting students to join individual team groups on the ning so they are abel to better communicate with one another.
  • Join the wiki:  All student should join the wiki using the above link which includes the join code.
  • Have students locate their team google doc by 1. clicking on the specific team located on the wiki navigation bar on the right 2. clicking on the specific team and then 3. clicking on "this google doc".
  • All research will go on the google doc and students should use the comment feature to carry on the conversation about the research they add, delete, or change.  
  • The overall link for the wiki is: 

March 18 - 25 is WIKI FOCUS WEEK!  All schools are in session.  We look forward to great work.

Thanks to all!  Have a great week of global collaboration and see you on the wiki!


Amy & Sheri


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