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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Let's discuss here the best ways to flatten the learning and support students teams. Each advisor normally has the ONE topic but maybe 2-3 teams to support.

What ideas do you have?

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At the moment I am a bit overwhelmed at how much there is to learn. I think that initially i need to take the time to explore. I welcome any focused guidance. i was MOST appreciative of the first meeting I "attended' and shared that excitement with my students the next day, including one who is spending the semester in Australia!

What should be the relationship between Expert Advisor and teacher? To what degree should Expert advisors attempt to coordinate their collective efforts? Is there an "Expert Advisor lounge?"

Hi David

It is good to get to know you as an expert for FCGP this semester. Your students are also welcome to join this Ning as observers if they want. This area is really the 'lounge' within this Experts group, and I encourage you to start discussions and make comments etc.

Good questions - in many respects the EA has a similar role to the teacher except that no students have a direct relationship with the EA. However I see the EA as someone who is not in the thick of running a class and can take a more objective approach to this work - and thereby provide a new perspective and inspiration.

Yes, EA's on the same topics and teams could try to coordinate their approach - certainly reach out as needed to others.

We will be most interested of course in your feedback on this process towards the end of the project. It is part of our practice to gather reflection material with a view to improvement next time.

Thanks again, Julie


I am with you at being a little bit overwhelmed but I am excited as well!  I am so interested to see how these students work together from all over the world.  I am hoping I will be a good role model and provide effective feedback.  You are not alone!

Diane Trout

I share your excitement and enthusiasm, Diane. Thanks for sharing your support.

I will support them by giving as much feedback as I can and help point them in the right direction of things. I am so excited to be a part of this and get to help the student teams. I am also very excited to get to see them work together in this global project.

Greetings, fellow advisors. As I further consider my role in this project after preparing for weeks now, I'm not as overwhelmed as I was at the outset!! At first, the word "expert" was a bit scary (!!), but now I see myself as having an advantage with this project as I am participating as a pre-service teacher. I, like my many of my classmates, are also students, and I believe this will give us an automatic 'common ground', if you will, with our various teams. I think this really contributes to the idea of a learning community, as we are all both teachers and students at the same time, and I hope the students in my group will comfortably interact and respond to me personally in this way!

I hope to be supportive by being prompt in my responses to students and following through with any requests that they have. Along with Laura Collins I am a pre-service teacher at Warner Pacific and am looking forward to all I can offer as well as I can glean. Thanks for allowing us to participate in this project!


Hi, I'm Alexxis and am a pre-service teacher at Warner Pacific College as well.

When I think about being an Expert Advisor, it is intimidating knowing that I won't necessarily be an expert on the topic, but exciting to know that I get to advise and learn alongside the students!

One idea I would have is to perhaps give similar yet distinct instructions to each team according to their need. This would take dedicated observation, to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each team, and how I can best guide them in their research and learning.

I am excited to see how this journey will be, and I hope I can connect with them and help them well.


My name is Katy and I am a pre-service teacher at Warner Pacific and I am excited to be working with you guys. How I would support the student teams as an advisor would be to first get more comfortable with the students and learn little bit more about them. This way I will know more about their strengths and weaknesses and we can collaborate and fill in the gaps from there. Thank you for letting us participate in this project as well.


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