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Hi everyone, you may like to read the discussions on the Student Leaders group ( about eBook choices we have to make this coming week. Given the current state of eBook development, and our need to have something that contains multimedia, I am thinking maybe something like a SMORE ( would be better this project. See as an example containing video, images, text and hyperlinks. What are your thoughts?

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Another resource I go to (I follow them on Twitter)

Hi all -

Our librarian asked others in her network about what they use for eBook creation.  They love  Is this one of the tools that we are afraid will not be around?  Has anyone used this?

Though I have not used it for ebook creation, I have purchased several books made by the software and published hard-copy. The covers look nice. The content physically looks self-published. The quality of images was not the best. It has been around since 2002 as a self-publishing resource.

Here is a link to Lulu's ebook creator guide obtained from searching their Help Knowledge base.

Another suggestion today is I spent 5 min with it just now and am really impressed. Sharing capability, embed YouTube videos, Publisher type of interface which is a bit scary, but workable.


Thanks David, I am going to share the Lucidpress info with student leaders as well.

This looks like a GREAT tool! 

Accounts for students and teachers will be free just as they are in Lucidcharts.

I love the google doc integration also. 


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