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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Hi everyone, you may like to read the discussions on the Student Leaders group ( about eBook choices we have to make this coming week. Given the current state of eBook development, and our need to have something that contains multimedia, I am thinking maybe something like a SMORE ( would be better this project. See as an example containing video, images, text and hyperlinks. What are your thoughts?

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I always am somewhat nervous embracing software which may be too early in its development. Are you comfortable with the reliability of Smore?

Here is a quick Smore I made.


Thanks David....ok, my rationale here is:

  • I can open a Flat Connections education account with Smore and student leaders can have the login details - this avoids two things - having to download software, and having to login using a Facebook or Twitter or other SM account
  • It will embed multimedia - this is my main worry, how to most effectively integrate MM

I am also thinking Smore is a flyer tool - a good one - and that it does not really do what we want.

Thanks for your suggestions - Learnist seems to be a 'Board' tool - images and text? Flip page, but not downloadable?

Calibre looks interesting- perhaps a little more complicated

Thanks, as always, for educating me. I REALLY enjoyed your book and value the opportunity to learn with you. I respect your wisdom in wanting to avoid the two problems you articulated.

Here's where I often go to for ideas of resources


Thanks David for you kind word.....I have seen that list before.....there are no eBook tools that I can find on it. So what does that tell us about what we are trying to do.....? That is is almost impossible in an education setting? Cross-platform, cross-device, include multimedia, allow for collaborative and seamless editing across the world....?

Wishful thinking......

I'll give this some more thought tomorrow. Time to take out the dog!


Smore is a great user interface - easy to use with great aesthetics - but my only worry is there is not enough text. I mean ideally the e-book will be an even split of text and multi-media, right? Since this is a research project we need to be sure students are making a somewhat academic report and I am worried that using an image-focused app like smore will turn this into more like a collage of images, which is something a 5th grade class can do. I think we need to look at some of the other options that enable the insertion of more rich text. 

1) "myebook" is shut down.

2) Blurb is more for converting pre-existing book to enhanced e-book, as far as I can tell. 

3) I think Simplebooklet might be a more effective tool as they can add more pages and text. Here is an example of how it would look:

Sidenote here Julie: I think it would be a great idea for Flat Connections to post the final e-books onto one of those library-like portals. I write for a magazine here in Japan that is up on Issuu. It would be great to collect them all into one space so students or teachers or anyone interested in Flat Con can see them side-by-side. 

I signed up for simplebooklet as well last week - this has potential - once again it will not embed videos. I guess with the multimedia access can be via hyperlinks from the book.

Yes, totally agree we need to gather these ebooks into a central place via a Flat Connections account - so if something like simplebooklet is used, the file has a multitude of ways to be shared as per this screenshot. So a place like Issuu would work.

Thanks for your suggestions as well.....after hearing from you and David I am going off could end up like a Gr 5 project as you say. We have meetings in 24 hours about this.....any further thoughts please share before then!

I uploaded a PDF file to Simplebooklet - see it here. The problem is it includes adds unless you pay. Also, the hyperlinks on the PDF do not work... :-(


Sorry I have let you down. This time-lag is annoying:)

Here's another resource I often go to.

My problem is that I still am early in the learning curve of understanding fully your constraints.

I admire your ambition.


Thanks David

Heading out of the teacher meeting and into the student leader meeting now.

I downloaded Calibre and we discussed as a possibility, and we still think Smore will work well as a quick fix.

Also discussed Flat Connections setting up an iTunesU account to host eBooks an multimedia.

The design brief is the following:

  • Cannot include advertising on final product (therefore a Smore education account can be purchased that students can login into, Simplebooklet has adds unless an individual purchase is made)
  • Must be accessible across platforms to view and to create
  • Must not have too steep a learning curve - time is a factor
  • Must be able to share text, images, hyperlink to web resources, embed videos and other multimedia
  • Must be downloadable in a standalone form - PDF, jpg, ePub?  so that it can be transferred and shared
  • Must be able to co-create together in real time or at least asynchronously (Calibre is an offline creation tool)

I know we are ambitious......waiting now to see what students think about all of this.

Appreciate your input and shared resources

Thanks for including me in the loop. Push me away or straighten me out if I cross a boundary I should not. I just enjoy learning and sharing.


For future reference...

Here is something similar but less current

And, of course, this

Maybe the way to go is not an ebook per se but an emagazine. I have imported videos into software such as

Here is one more resource


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