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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

After listening to the major points of Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat"  and Daniel Pink's "A Whole New Mind" briefly discuss the impact of these gentleman's ideas and concepts as they relate to our Flat Classroom Project. Did any of their thoughts or philosophy have an impact on the way you view things as a student or as teenager who uses technology as a social media tool?

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When we watched these speeches, I thought that I was going to be bored watching them. "Oh, it's just a boring speech." I thought, but it turned out to be very interesting. I found myself wanting to hear what these people had to say. Out of the two, I thought that Daniel Pink's speech was more interesting, though. It really left me with an impact, and I found it funny how parents want their kids to focus more on the logical side of the brain instead of the creative, but we actually need the creative side a bit more. I think they were very fun speeches, and I really liked what they were about.

I was pleased that you made some personal connections with both of these video discussions. I do view you as being a very creative individual, which is reflected in your art work and your acting abilities. You definitely have major skills in both of these areas!!!

In Thomas Friedman's speech he talked about new technology that allowed us to connect with people all over the world and post our own content and have people collabrate on it. In Daniel Pink's speech he talked about the creative part of our minds and how it applies to the economy and companies. When I watched both their speech my views on technology has completely changed; he taught me about the great things that have been made to be able to connect us with people around the world and share our ideas and views. Daniel Pink changed my views on how my mind works related to companies with the several product differentiators and how the creative side of the mind is taking over. Daniel Pink's speech didn;t really have an impact on how I use technology. But Thomas Friedman's speech made me see how lucky I am to have this technology to use and connect with others.

You have made some excellent connections with both of these speeches. Your response in very mature and well thought out. Nicholas you are showing me a side of yourself that I haven't seen before. Keep us this excellent work. I truly hope you enjoy this new project our class is about to start.

I don't necessarily think that this changed my mind about social networks because they were really just talking about how the world is becoming more globalized. I do think, though, that these discussions have changed the way that people interpret the thought of being a global citizen. I think that as I grow up, I will appreciate the information that they displayed more. It does not impact my view about social media currently, though.

From this discussion I can't tell what your current view is about social media and how it has impacted your life as a teenager. I would have liked to have seen more elaboration on your part, relating specific details to you personally, from the video speeches that we watched in class and as part of our homework. Ms. W

I thought that Daniel Pink's videos were very interesting and that he is a wonderful speaker. In his videos, Daniel Pink discusses the issues of global collaboration and business, which relates a lot to our Flat Classroom Project. As the world comes to rely more on right-brained aspects that cannot be outsourced or automated, people's personalities and a global way of thinking will be changed. Thomas Friedman's points in "The World is Flat" are also heavily related to our flat classroom project. In fact, one of Friedman's core points is what the FCP is based on: due to revolutions in technology, the playing field has been leveled; we now have one single platform that people from all across the globe can communicate on.

Grace you did a great job of making connections with both of the speeches and ideas presented by Mr. Pink and Mr. Friedman. I will be interested to see you make even more connections with these topics as we start our new class project, "The Flat Classroom". You are an intelligent young woman who is able to articulate your thoughts and ideas in a very understandable and logical way. I know you will do a great job in working with other students from around the world. Ms. W

I really enjoyed listening to Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat" and Daniel Pink's "A Whole New Mind" because it gave me a different perspective on the Flat Classroom Project and the technologies we use in everyday life. In Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat" he talked about how communication has evolved over so many years. Just a few decades ago we used to have to send a letter to someone who was in another state, in order to get in touch with them. Now at the press of a button we can talk to someone on the other side of the world face-to-face, thanks to programs like Skype or Face Time. As a teenager, though, I take advantage of those opportunities and use programs like Skype or Facebook to talk to my friends who live about 15 minutes away from me instead of someone all the way across the world. With the Flat Classroom Project, I will be given the chance to use those programs to communicate with students I am doing a project with anywhere in the world. In Daniel Pink's "A Whole New Mind" one of the things he talked about was the qualities of the right brain and how it can't be replaced by the internet or, in other words, automated because there is no right or wrong answer. In the flat classroom project we will be able to use our right brain qualities in order to come up with creative ways to approach, produce, and present things. I think this part of the Flat Classroom Project is really great because it might help some students figure out what some of their greater strengths are not only in creativity and producing high quality work, but also in collaboration by pulling your own weight and communicating productively. Over all I think that I not only learned a lot about technology and finding meaning in life, but also the economy. I wonder how developed some countries will have become by the time I have grandchildren.

I enjoyed reading your discussion thread. It is obvious that you understand and were able to make connections with both of the speaker's ideas and concepts. I thought is was interesting that you use Skype to talk with your friends who live only 15 minutes away, but I guess if I had of had that technology made available to me when I was your age I would be doing the exact same thing. Sometimes I look at these tools from just an educational perspective, but you have helped me realize that they go much further than such being used in the classroom. Hopefully when you get to be my age with grandchildren you will be able to reflect and realize the impact technology has had on your life. You wrote an excellent response and I hope you enjoy this "Flat Classroom Project". Ms. W

The major points of Thomas Friedman and Daniel Pink have made huge impact on my thoughts about technology and how it is expanding. As a student and teenager, I found it to be very interesting. Like Friedman and Pink discussed in their seminars, things are reaching a global scale. The Flat Classroom Project relates to the discussions "The World is Flat" and "A Whole New Mind" because it talks about things from a global stand point. In the Flat Classroom Project we are using technology to communicate and collaborate globally, one of the key concepts in both discussions.

I was pleased to see that these video speeches had influenced your thoughts about technology. Sometimes we just think of technology in terms of the tools but don't take the time to apply how we used these tools and how they can help us produce authentic and relevant work. I hope you enjoy our class project around the "Flat Classroom". You are a very diligent student and whomever you are paired up with, will benefit from working with you and I believe you will be able to benefit from them as well. You are open minded and a risk taker, so you should do  well! Ms. W


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