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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Virtual Reality- Virtual reality is a computer generated environment that stimulates the physical presence of people and objects and realisys sensory experiences. This will let people be able to interact with technology programs. They will have 3D displays, and have the sensory around you almost as realistic as possible. This will help students learning experiences at home feel more life like, which may help them learn  better.  

Rethinking how Schools Work- They are trying to create new, more efficient ways for students to learn. Learning online will keep the students more active in the lesson and will help them have more fun learning and actually want to do the work. They are allowing disciplinary study and ample room for studying. Successful collaborative studying improve confidence, ability to work with others, and more learning.

Coding Literacy- Schools are adjusting to training students about one of the fastest industries, computer applications. K-12 students are learning how to code from a young age, designing websites, educational games and apps, and prototyping new products.

Students as Creators- The learners are exploring subject matter through the act of creation rather than consumption of content. This will help the students take a leadership role, help them with critical thinking, and help them with working along other people. This will also help us learn about the thing we are creating better.

Reconstructing Teachers- Teachers will have to be able to spread knowledge to kids while creating an environment that will help kids understand and really learn that knowledge.  The teachers will have to help the kids later in life too. They will have to teach them how to handle life on their own and 21st century skills.

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