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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

A big thank you to Katie Grubb for her keynote presentation for FCGP15-2 called: Connect with China and Global Perspectives.

You can relive this session via the recording.

You are also invited to share your reflections and thoughts about this topic as a response to this discussion forum.

Here are some key points you may like to respond to:

  • Is school preparing you for your future? How?
  • How important is it to you to understand how to connect and communicate with other countries?
  • Have you ever connected with China before? What happened?
  • What are the challenges for you in your country and time zone for wanting to connect with China?
  • What sort of jobs in the future will require you to have a global perspective and intercultural understanding? How do you get this while in high school??

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School definitely prepares us for the future. School teaches us to be independent and at the same time teaches us to work with others. School only gets harder and that's the same with life. As time goes on, our society will be more consumed with technology. Everything is going to be digital. As a result, school is integrating more technology into the curriculum.

It is very important to connect and communicate with other countries. Each country has different ideas to offer and if we keep good relations with them, our world will be so much better. Also, some countries have important resources such as oil and we can make use of those resources if we maintain good relations.

I have never connected with China.

The challenges with wanting to connecting with China are language barriers, complete opposite time zones, and a great distance between the U.S. and China.

The jobs that will require me to have a global perspective and intercultural understanding are doctors, translators, ambassadors, teachers, and pilots. I get this through my World History Class currently. Although I have English and Spanish next semester, I believe that they will give me a better global perspective and intercultural understanding.

My school is preparing me for my future because I go to a health and science vocational school. I have already chosen what path I want to take in life, and this will help me prepare for college, which will give me my dream job. I think it is very important to understand how to connect with people from other countries. It is important to know the cultures of other countries, and help them when they are in need. I have never connected to China before. I've never even left North America! It is very hard to connect with China from America because they are in a whole different time zone, almost half a day later than us. Jobs that require a global perspective and intercultural understanding are politics, (the president for example) a teacher, a flight attendant, and a journalist. While in high school, you should try to look at the culture around you, and pay attention in social studies and language classes.

School prepares us for the future by showing us how to be confident, professional people. For example, my school is educating me on how to properly act during interviews and act in a professional setting. We are learning about different subjects that my public school would never have offered. I think it is very important to communicate with other countries; while the language barrier is an issue, there are tools developing every day that could alleviate some burdens of translating. Personally, I already connect with Russia for personal reasons. Therefore, connecting to Russia for professional reasons wouldn't be an issue. However, I've never connected with China before. I think that the biggest issue when connecting with China would the the time zone; it would be difficult to find a time where nobody was asleep! In the future, jobs that would require me to have a global perspective would include would be occupations such as a pilot, teacher, and a news reporter. In high school, I'm lucky to learn in a school where people come together from all different cultures. It's a great way to learn about other cultures, religions, and countries.

School prepares us for the future in many ways, such as teaching us how to work with others, time management, and other necessary skills for the future. Group projects are a major way we can learn about the future. Normally, we interact with our friends during the day, but when we are assigned partners to work with for certain assignments, we learn how to collaborate, socialize, and work well with people we normally wouldn't work with. When we leave high school, and go to college or the workplace, we will need to meet hundreds of new individuals, and the collaboration skills we learn in high school make it easier when we get to these places in the future.

It is extremely important to me to understand how to connect and communicate with other countries. In today's society, trade between countries happens nearly every second, and businesses and other corporations own buildings and other locations around the globe, and these various locations all need to be able to have strong connection and communication skills.

Unfortunately, I have not connected with someone from China before, but I have connected with others from different countries before. While I would like to connect with the Chinese, there are some issues/obstacles with achieving this goal. One is the fact that where I live and China are on complete opposite sides of the world, so timing is difficult. Also, communication would be difficult, given the fact that I do not speak Chinese fluently, let alone conversationally.

Some jobs that will require global perspective and intercultural understanding are teachers, translators, ambassadors, doctors, travel agents, flight attendants/pilot, and tour guides. I get global perspectives  and intercultural understandings while in high school because of the classes I take, and the diversity of the student body.

School allows us to prepare for the real world because it teaches us about orginization,efficiency and temabuilding skills. It also allows us to integrate technolology into our everyday lives. What we don't realize is that we do not commnicate with other countries. Connecting with other countries will allow us to integrate and enlighten eachother about different customss and cultures in different parts of the world. The biggest challenges in connection with China are:

-the major time zone difference

-Means of Communication

-Different Languages

-Different School Curriculums

Jobs that require a large perspective of the workd with understanding of all cultures are politicians, authors, even comedians. Comedians must because they may offend an entire religion with a single joke. This exposure could save their career. 

Cultural differences are so important that we learn about them in English, Social Studies, Dynamics of Health Care, and our FCGP project.

  • School prepares us for our futures by teaching us to manage our time, prioritize assignments, work efficiently with others, meet deadlines, utilize resources available to us, and switch between multiple tasks.
  • It is extremely important to understand how to connect and communicate with other countries so that we can learn and grow from each other's cultures, technology, and ideas. It is also important so that we are always aware of what is occurring in the world around us.
  • I have never connected with China before.
  • Challenges for me in my country that I might face while trying to connect with China include speaking a different language than people there and living in a completely different time zone.
  • Some jobs in the future that will require me to have a global perspective and intercultural understanding include news anchors, teachers, journalists, flight attendants, travel agents, and travel tour guides. I get this in high school because I am currently taking World History and we learn about many cultures and the relationships between countries.

I think school has vastly prepared me for the future in many ways. Some ways school has prepared me for the future is in the class i am taking computer Applications it is making me accustomed to websites and documents that i will very likely encounter in the future and will need to use to succeed in life and will help me with my future jobs. Another class is dynamics of Health care which educates me on the field of health care and health care edict. I've learned  many school skills that prepare the me for the future with my job and overall aspects of life.

-Computers=Application of technology in the  real world including jobs and college

-Math= is often applied in every day situation, work, and college.

-English= is used often for college essays, work, and everyday use

-Dynamics of Health Care= application in the Health field and how to act in health related situations

It is important to communicate with others in the world because that is a great way to start to learn about diverse societies and be open. It improves communications skills and will make you accustomed to conversing with people you don't know. This skill is important because many jobs require you to do this and  will most likely be a very important part of society in the future and will be used often.


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