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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

A big thank you to Katie Grubb for her keynote presentation for FCGP15-2 called: Connect with China and Global Perspectives.

You can relive this session via the recording.

You are also invited to share your reflections and thoughts about this topic as a response to this discussion forum.

Here are some key points you may like to respond to:

  • Is school preparing you for your future? How?
  • How important is it to you to understand how to connect and communicate with other countries?
  • Have you ever connected with China before? What happened?
  • What are the challenges for you in your country and time zone for wanting to connect with China?
  • What sort of jobs in the future will require you to have a global perspective and intercultural understanding? How do you get this while in high school??

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School prepares us for the real world by showing us how to be efficient on projects, how to work in groups and make sure that you are contributing, how to get information, how to try new things, and how to be alert and understand what your task is, and how to use technology. There is a gap however, this gap is very obvious. It is important to connect and communicate with other countries to get their ideas and collaborate on tasks. It is important to know how to connect with other countries because in today's world, companies have buildings all over the globe, and it is very important to be able to communicate with the whole company. Sadly, I have never connected online with someone from China. Some challenges with connecting in China include

-the time zones make it night in one place, and daytime in the other

-lacking internet connection

-language barriers

The jobs that will require you to have a global perspective and intercultural understanding are teachers, Secretary of state/ambassador, a news reporter from a international station such as BBC, or a travel manager. My father is a travel manager and is in charge of the finances for travel for TE Connectivity.

We learn about other cultures in History, English, Language Arts, and through FCGP.

I believe that school is preparing me for my future. I want to be an anesthesiologist when I get older and going to a school that is focused on the medical field is a huge help. It also helps me with time-management and staying organized. 

It is important to me to understand how to communicate and connect with other countries because I do not know what the future holds, so if I can understand some other countries, it can only help me. l

No, I have never connected with China before.

It would be hard for me to connect with China because I am on the complete opposite end of the world and there is a huge time difference between New Jersey and China.

Some jobs that you would need a global perspective and intercultural understanding for re:

-Pilot/Flight Attendant


--Secretary of State

--If you work in the State office




I don't get much of a global perspective in school, but I have a huge intercultural understanding. At Allied, there are so many races and cultures, it helps me understand how others live and it helps me to respect them.

School is preparing us for the future by:

    -giving us multiple projects/assignments in the same subject

    -having to multitask between doing homework and studying for other classes

    -acquiring organizational skills to keep all your work in place

    -teaching and updating the students on what's new in the world 

    -allowing students to answer their own questions and explore more into their answers

It is very important to me to understand how to connect and communicate with other countries because the more I connect with them, the more I learn about their cultures, environment, society, and information that I would need to know in the future for my career. Due to the gap, said in the Fuze meeting, it is an essential priority to communicate with others around the world, so that our country isn't in the dark about what's happening around them, and we can have agreements and discussions on how to solve problems together. I haven't ever connected with China before, but it would seem interesting to try. However, my challenges in the U.S. and time zone for wanting to connect with China are that:

   -there is a language barrier between both countries

   -China is 13 hours ahead of New Jersey, United States, making it the next day 

The sort of jobs in the future that will require me to have a global perspective and intercultural understanding in high school are in the medical professions. For this future career, my enrollment in the Spanish class will prepare me to be a bilingual student.

School prepares us for our future by teaching us to 

-meet deadlines

-communicate effectively

-study for exams

-break out of our comfort zones

-work on multiple projects simultaneously 

However, there is a gap as Mrs. Grubb said, in what material we learn in school and what is happening in the workforce. In our future jobs we will need to be able to apply what we have learned in college daily. In school, the only time we demonstrate that learning is when tests come around. It is very important to connect with other countries because we depend on peaceful relations with other countries, and they support our economy and population. For example, if we were to stop communicating with some Middle Eastern countries, then we would lose our main gasoline supply. I have only connected with China through friendships with some Chinese at my old school. They along with many Japanese and Koreans were participating in an exchange program at my school, and we formed bonds. My friends Soo bien and Bill (not his real name), brought back souvenirs for us after their summers at home. The challenges in connecting with China are

-Time Zone(approx 13 hours)

-Technological Capability

-Language Barriers

However, we can connect in other ways like letters and use google translate.

 Some jobs in the future that will require me to have a global perspective and intercultural understanding are teaching, being an ambassador, Cultural anthropologist, travel journalist, etc.

We learn this in high school through FCGP, World History ,and English classes. 

School is a big part of my life, as well as many other children around the world. There is a huge difference between middle school and high school. During the four years I spent in middle school, I felt like I was being prepared on a basic level for the next academic step. High school is totally different for me. Now my teachers are trying to prepare us to be successful in the workforce and our futures through more creative and collaborative assignments without as much direction or help provided. I believe that it is important to connect with other countries and different people for a variety of reasons. In order to be successful, people need to understand different cultures and religions when getting ready to enter the workforce. The average person will encounter many people from different countries during their careers and have to be able to talk comfortably with those people. I have not connected with China before but one day I hope to because i would love to learn about their culture and their opinions on some controversial ideas. The challenges for my school and I too connect with China, is definitely the difference in time zones. It is also hard to communicate with people that are not similar in location; some things may be misinterpreted or taken the wrong way. The only way to fix that though is putting in an equal effort, from both different groups of people, to communicate and work together to form trust and a stronger relationship. My high school is taking the initiative to help students connect to different people around the world by promoting online and interesting cultural projects. I hope in the future at my high school, I will get to gain more collaborative global experiences and connect with people from many places like China. 

As for most kids like me, school has had a big impact on my life. From the time I was in preschool, It has been taking up at least one hundred and eighty days. I think my elementary school gave me a good foundation in math, science, and writing.  In other areas,  like social studies and  Spanish, I don’t think my time was well spent. On the other hand, I come from a  home where education and learning are highly valued. Everyone is continuously getting another degree!  So my family has helped to prepare me a lot. Now that I am in high school, I think that my school’s goal is to  prepare us to become successful in working skills, creativity and collaboration. Part of the way they do that is by making assignments that are given with less directions or help that will be needed. They seem to expect us to problem solve and work it out on our own.

Connecting and communicating with other countries is important. I think this because if we want to be successful in our job it important that we understand other cultures and religions at a younger age. A person should be comfortable communicating with a person from a different country because they will encounter them sometime in their career. Even though I have not connected with China, it would be cool to one day. I do know a little about their culture, from my third grade teacher who was from China. Also a few of my friends are adopted from there, but I would still love to learn more about their culture.

If my school were to try to connect with China it would be difficult because of the difference in time zones. Another reason why it would be hard to communicate with China is because we may be accustomed to using an expression, word or symbol that could be misinterpreted or even mean something entirely different in Chinese. If we both made the best of it and try very hard to communicate and work to together, it should be easier to trust each other. At my high school, we are working on projects over the Internet with teens from different parts of the world. It is great because you get to interact with each other and discuss what may be done where they live. I am hoping that sometime in my high school years that I will get to communicate and connect with people from other countries such as China.


The whole idea of school is to provide and education for students so they can have the career of their choice. So by teaching us math, science, history, and english, school prepares us for a job in numerous fields. I could be an accountant, a lawyer, a teacher, an engineer, a writer etc. It also exposes students to social situations, teamwork, respect, and having restrictions. Specifically AAHS is preparing me for my future as a doctor. With classes such as Dynamics of Health Care I learn about the layout of the medical field and health insurance. This way when I grow up, I am more informed about how health care works and different laws such as HIPAA. Even though a big part of medicine is science, I still need to understand the other subjects to be successful. For example:

-English: I need to be able write papers and articles to share my research with other doctors and scientists

-History: I need to understand how medicine has transformed and progressed from prehistoric times

-Math: I need to provide my patient with the correct doses of of medicine

           I need to be able to manage my finances properly in order to make the most of my money

I have never had any contact with China before so there are definitely some problems when trying to connect with them:

-Time zone: They are 13 hours ahead of us right now so when I am getting ready for bed, they are getting ready for school

-Language: While schools in China provide students with english classes, they will have a harder time speaking  completely in english. Also, we don't have Chinese classes so I wouldn't be able to understand the language native to them.

Although I was not able to watch the entire keynote video live, I found it interesting as I was watching parts of the recorded version.

-I believe AAHS is preparing me for my future. In my school, we take courses related to medicine. Currently, I am taking Dynamics of Health Care where we learn about health insurance, terms related to medicine, and how diseases and infections grow and spread. When I grow up, I want to be a dermatologist, so I think the classes I will be taking here will prepare me.

-I think it is important for me to connect and communicate with other countries in order to understand what life is like in other places, and for me to learn new things, and possibly educate different countries about me and the country I live in.

-I have never connected with China before.

-New Jersey and China are located very far away from each other. This is a problem with connecting because the times and languages are completely different.

-In the future, many jobs will require global perspectives and understandings such as teachers, doctors, ship captains, plane pilots, and every other job that can deal with people from many places.

-In the Flat Connections Global Project, my high school is allowing our computer applications classes to connect with other teens from other schools, much farther away from mine. Also, history and language classes help us learn about other cultures.

I feel that school is preparing me for my future because I am learning many basic skills that are essential for many careers. Math, reading, science, and social studies are all subjects that are necessary for any career. Additionally, teamwork, professionalism, and time management skills are stressed in high school because they are very important for preparing an individual for the real world. Specifically, since I go to AAHS, which is a medical high school, I am beginning to learn about the medical field in Dynamics of Health Care. For instance, I have learned about many laws, such as HIPAA, and many medical terms. For any doctor or specialist, this basic knowledge is crucial. I aspire to become an Orthodontist, so knowing about laws, ethics, and health insurance will be necessary in order for me to have a successful practice. Furthermore, it is extremely important for me to understand how to connect and communicate with other countries because I need to learn about different lifestyles and cultures. Additionally, I need to be able to communicate my ideas with people who live far away. This can help problems get resolved easier and quicker between different companies or countries and in the medical field, it can help find cures in a more efficient way. For instance, if I conduct a study and find new information about cancer and someone from China conducts a similar study, we can compare data and come to a conclusion. This conclusion can spark a cure for cancer. Lastly, connecting with other countries will help individuals learn new languages. I have never connected with anyone from China. The challenges of connecting with citizens in China are the time difference, language barrier, and possible technological issues. The time difference between the U.S. and China is 13 hours. This means that if I would like to communicate with them in the afternoon, in China, it is nighttime and they are probably sleeping. Also, I do not speak Chinese and would have difficulty understanding what the other person is saying. The application or device I may be using may also be slow and may loose connection during our conversation. Some jobs that require a global perspective and intercultural understanding are CEO of a business, such as a certain product, restaurant, or hotel. Additionally, doctors may go on business trips to other countries and may attend meetings or perform surgeries. Teachers also need to know all about other cultures and countries. While I am in high school, I will learn about the history of other countries and I will learn Spanish, so if I ever have to communicate with a Spanish speaking individual, I will be able to express my ideas to them and understand what they are saying. All in all, global connection and communication is very important for my current school life and my future career.

School prepares me for my future because the future involves everything i am taught in school. From language arts to history to dynamics of healthcare to biology. All these subjects play an important role in my future and my goals in life. Dynamics of healthcare and biology prepare me for the medical part of my future. Since i go to a high school for future doctors, i am given an extra boost over other students.
Communicating with other countries is a huge deal to me. It allows me to see what other people see and believe rather than only seeing the beliefs and culture of those around me.
No i have never connected with China before. Because of the distance, 20 hours on a plane, connecting with China is almost impossible. Also, the language barrier causes an issue due to the fact that english and chinese are not similar in any way. The timezones are compete opposites for the US and China, China is day when US is night, Us is day when China is night. It just doesn't work.
My future job will require a global understanding because people of all cultures come into hospitals. Many spanish speaking patients come in and for a doctor to treat them as best as possible, they need to understand spanish. Also, if a person of a different culture comes in, he doctor must be aware of that culture in order to keep the patient happy and un-offended, By attending allied, i am exposed to many cultures and ethnicities. This prepares me for my future so much.

My school is preparing me for the future. I go to the Academy of Allied Health and Science where they teach us about the medical field, health insurance, and other things that relate to the health care field. This is preparing me for the future because later down the road if I do find that my interests have changed and I don't want to be a doctor I still have the knowledge to check for DNR's when a person has a heart attack in front of me and will learn later how to do more things. It is important for me to understand how to connect and communicate to other countries because I think you should meet the most people and make the most friends before you die, understanding how to communicate to other countries is a big thing. I have never had the chance to connect with China but I would love to someday. Some challenges for me is that when its night here its morning in China, but luckily I have some experience in that because my extended family lives in many different countries with different time zones than mine. Some jobs that will require me to have a global perspective and intercultural understanding is being a doctor. As a doctor I need to understand that I can't always deliver life-saving vaccines even if I want to because the patient believes it is against their culture or religion. I understand this while in high school because I love learning about different cultures and religions. My own religion has some things that others wouldn't be able to understand or don't want to, I understand how it is for others and have learned to just accept.

The first thing I do when I get home at 3:00 is homework. I take an hour break to eat and take a shower. Then, I return to homework which lasts until 11:00 on most nights. It's very relieving to lay in bed, however, that doesn't often last as long as it should, for many mornings, I wake up to finish working from 3:00 AM to 6:00.

I understand and value the importance of education, though I cannot say that the strategy of teaching it is always effective. School is definitely preparing me for my future when it comes to time management and understanding of concepts and deep-thinking because my goal is to obtain the position of prosecuting attorney. However, conversely, the overload of homework, which often lasts longer than the school day itself, may not necessarily be the way to help me improve my skills. 

I appreciate that my school is encouraging interaction with people in other countries and settings because it is important for me to understand how to connect and communicate with other countries. Unfortunately, America does not have all the answers and may not even be close for all we know. That is why it is important to expand our horizons. China, for example, is a country with phenomenal technology advancements, but there are many challenges for us in the U.S. to connect with China such as the time difference, their firewalls, lack of cultural understanding (ignorance) on both parts, and potential animosity between economically competing countries.

In the future, jobs that never required global perspective and intercultural understanding will require such. Teachers will have to reach out of the classroom to make learning as world-appropriate as possible, entrepreneurs will have to market inside the country with people from other countries and outside the country to expand their brand, and attorneys and doctors will have to be able to interact and understand practices in other regions to better their own (or even make referrals). While in school, I receive this global perspective by working on this project with people in spread out locations and by being in a "melting pot" school where everyone came from somewhere else.



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