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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

NMC Horizon Report and The Tomorrow Student

David Deeds from the American School of Guatemala shared insights into the creation of the Horizon Reports and his ideas for how students can take charge of their own learning.

One important message was that not only do teachers have to change, but students must change as well - from being less passive to more active in learning.

Some discussion starters:

  • How do you change the identity of teachers and students?
  • How can technology support this change?
  • How can the Horizon Report K-12 be used to improve teaching and learning and education for all?
  • What is another name for 'Tomorrow Student??'



Horizon Report K-12 2014

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i agree with jack because of a lot of what we do now a days does revolve around technology and that what we do in school sometimes cant apply to  real life

Using games in school is a great way to achieve a higher learning. Students will be excited to get rewards for the work they have done and they will be able to connect more with their peers and the teacher. Teachers will learn how their students prefer to learn which will help them in the future. Games in the future should be in every classroom around the world.

I've been keeping up with your posts! It's great that you are still participating! Very interesting observations! 

Hi Belmin.  Great thoughts here.  It is always great to get a student perspective on things.  How are you using games now in school?  Would love to hear some ideas.  If you are not using games currently in your classroom, what types of games would you like to see in the future?

my definition of a tomorrows student would be a student who uses technology to their advantage in the classroom. 

Hola! It's great that you guys are keeping this discussion going! 

I feel that a different and more fitting name for the 'Tomorrow Student' would be the 'Prospective Student' because I feel prospective's definition, expected or expecting to be something particular in the future, is more fitting than Tomorrow.

I agree with your thoughts on the "Prospective Student". How can technology support this change? 

i agree with what you are saying  

I think that the advancement in technology gives students new and unique ways to improve their personal learning experience. It also gives teachers new ways to give students information so teachers have to rethink their roles as an instructor. 

The Horizon Report can really improve learning by giving student the option of speaking to other students or even other teachers.

Prospective Education is my personal favorite.


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