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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

NMC Horizon Report and The Tomorrow Student

David Deeds from the American School of Guatemala shared insights into the creation of the Horizon Reports and his ideas for how students can take charge of their own learning.

One important message was that not only do teachers have to change, but students must change as well - from being less passive to more active in learning.

Some discussion starters:

  • How do you change the identity of teachers and students?
  • How can technology support this change?
  • How can the Horizon Report K-12 be used to improve teaching and learning and education for all?
  • What is another name for 'Tomorrow Student??'



Horizon Report K-12 2014

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Hola, everybody! 

I need some ideas! What title would you use instead of "The Tomorrow Student"? ;)

we could call it, the up and coming students. i just thought kinda foreshadowed that we are investing our time into the future


I believe I find that name to be suitable for the title. It sounds accurate to what the discussion was about, the future for students and teachers and whatnot.

I like the name, but if I were to change it it would be....'The Global Students' 

I think "Future Of Nation" would be better title!

i think the students of tomorrow is a good name for the students

i like this idea, too.

I really liked this idea too even though i have no clue what idea you are talking about. 

I responded to Chris and then you responded to my response.

I think that the "Students of Tomorrow" idea is good but it is kind of generic and better adjectives would make it more intriguing. 

I agree. I think it is used quite a lot. We should make something more unique.

"Students of Tomorrow" could work. Thanks! 


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